Hello! I know I don't really post anymore, and I don't think that's going to change (my schedule has rather filled up back in America) but I wanted to share with you guys the VERY EXCITING NEWS. I have a collection of poetry available for preorder through Kindle! It's called The Poem Keeper and here is the link. It's very good. Some of the poems are available through this blog, but lots (there are about 30) are new. It's only $2.99 and you should check it out!! Also the cover is pretty.

We Lie to Our Children

Note: Children should not read this post. It's not inappropriate, but I idiotically don't believe in Santa Claus, who is probably definitely real, and I talk about it. So be cautious. :)

No young kids reading?

You sure?


Santa Claus isn't real.

You all know this (unless you cheated and read past the warnings, in which case, you deserve it). You might be remembering when you found out. In many cases, it was a tragic experience. A loss of innocence. A source of hatred for whoever told you.

See, that wasn't what it was like for me. My mom was always uncomfortable with telling me and my brother about St. Nick. So when, at nine, I had been on the fence a long time about whether he existed (honestly, that just means that I desperately wanted to believe but didn't), she told me. She explained that the idea (a force of good in the world, the spirit of charity, etc) was real and valid, but the chubby man with the reindeer was not. It was an elegant explanation, given a…

Highlights from Camp


Yes, I am still alive. I did say that I would probably drift off during the move. But now we're moved in (except for the bulk of our belongings, so I guess not really) and live in the United States of America. Which is wow.
I mean, Trader Joe's. Target. Need I say more?

Anyway, I went to three back-to-back week-long camps this summer. Here are the highly anecdotal highlights. Enjoy.

Camp #1: EFY

I Wrote A Book (!!)

Yesterday, just before 9 PM, I wrote the final words of my novel.


To you guys who write like a book every NaNo + another every year, this may seem like, okay... cool? But I've never finished writing a book before so I am much proud.

Yes, it's messy. It's inconsistent and I don't know all the characters' names and the writing in the beginning occasionally makes me want to throw it off a bridge. Yes, it's the roughest of rough drafts. But I wrote it, and I will edit it, and it is my very own book.

For those of you who are curious, yes, it's the one with Emma and Hester and Dandelion and James that I did some Beautiful People posts on (I'm too scared to read my old posts to link them). If you're wondering what it's about: it's really just a Raven Cycle homage disguised as a Lunar Chronicles homage disguised as an homage to the book of Grimm's fairy tales I checked out from the library and read 8 million times as a child.

So yeah! I'…

Write Me A Letter

Hey, y'all. I wrote a poem today and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Write Me A Letter
Hey you, across the wide, wide sea. You who I wish were close to me. Hey you, who's miles and miles away. I'm thinking of you today.
Hey you, our souls are shaped alike. You who had a basket on your bike. Hey you, who makes me feel okay. I'm thinking of you today.
Write me a letter, write it long.  Write it the way you would write a song. Write me a letter, write it with care. Send it to my mailbox, I'll be waiting there.
Write me a letter, write it right now. Set your homework and your housework down. Write me a letter, from a friend to a friend. I'll read it every day, again and again.
I don't want an e-mail, I don't want a voicemail, I don't want a phone call, any kind of home call, I don't want a text or a Skype or a fax, Reading those things doesn't make me relax.
I don't  want an IM, a DM, a PM A video, a picture, a post, a Pin, A packag…

Bookstores and Book Sales

//before I begin: I just tried roasted chickpeas for the first time and I highly recommend.//

Today my school had a used book sale. 50 cents apiece, except travel or cooking, which were a dollar. I drifted through boxes of donations, recognizing some titles that had once graced our shelves before moving on. My final purchases were 1960 reproductions of the original editions of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz, and a book of essays by Robert James Waller (Old Songs in a New Cafe, generally about life and highly recommended so far). I love grazing the shelves and piles at used book stores, sales, and fairs. It is in a different way that I peruse shops for new books with pristine paper covers, perfect rectangular prisms, unfolded by time and use. I rather think that both have their time and place.

New books are for foreign cities and when you know what you want. They're for afternoons fading to evening and full wallets. Old books are for mornings and nostalgia.…

Learning to Live Part 3

Hey, guys. As you may have noticed, I have not posted in forever! For that, I apologize. I'm trying to get back on track, but it may not last because I'm moving soon. If my posts fade out, sorry, but I should be back by late summer.
Except... my life is going to get a lot busier come fall, so we'll see.
However it goes, here's part three of my short story, Learning to Live.
Part 1 Part 2
“I got a new job,” said Meg, “by the way. It was better, and better was good enough, which was also important. At this next place, could I buy you lunch? I won’t keep you out too much longer.” “That would be great, thanks,” said Anna. She wasn’t hungry, though, for anything but these new ideas coursing through her mind. They arrived at a diner. The employee showing them a table welcomed Meg by name, chatting with her about someone named Rachel. When the waiter arrived, he exclaimed, “Meg!” Like everyone else, he seemed to be a good friend. While they waited for their food, Meg asked, “Know w…