Hey guys! *waves*

Did you notice my NEW DESIGN?!! I'm kinda in love with it. I mean, I might not keep it, because it's fancy and scary and also no headers. But still. <3

I'm sorry. I have been inexcusably absent. However, I was busy; I had 2 weeks worth of visitors and Gilmore Girls and a birthday. (mine! :))

So I've not posted for a while and I'm sorry.

I just want to talk about Spring now. I think it deserves capitalization. I've been outside for, oh, two hours now? Just reading and doing homework and reading blog posts. It's so nice out here. Well, it was until the sun stopped shining.

This weather makes me want to bike up to the little park/mallish area near my house and get gelato. It makes me want to lie in the sun and breathe deeply. It makes me want to run around in the woods playing Capture the Flag.

It makes me want to grow a flower. It makes me want to grow a dream. It makes me want to write, but also to read, but also to do nothing at all.


Beautiful People| Emma/ Hester/ Dandelion

NOTE: When I originally posted this, some of the answers didn't save, but it's all fixed now. :) Thank you for your patience!

Hey y'all! I am doing the unheard of this month and:

a) doing Beautiful People TWO MONTHS IN A ROW
c) doing three characters at once. I'm crazy, I know.

For those of you who don't know, Beautiful People is a monthly writerly link-up for characters hosted by super-bloggers Cait and Sky
So, I introduced you to James and Emma last month, and now I'm here to show you the whole protagonist triumvirate: 
EMMA: You know her. She's a quirky, (Rapunzel retelling!!) bookish, sort-of-Persephone-from-the-Raven-Cycle-by-Maggie-Stiefvater-but-saner character. She owns a bookstore. She's the main character.
HESTER: If Emma's Persephone, Hester is Calla. She's sarcastic and American (oh yeah, the book is set in London by the way) and has a tragic backstory (very tragic, actually. involving an i…

A Poem For You

Beautiful People| James & Emma

Helloo, Imaginers! Today is as good a time as ever for a Beautiful People post, so I shall write one and my words are off because tired and I don't know and bleh that was a bad sentence.


Beautiful People is a linkup hosted by the fabulous bloggers Cait and Sky, linked to in the pictures. (visit their blogs! you will like it!) I have a notorious history of participating exceeding infrequently and using a different writing project each time, which I will continue. :)
James and Emma are two peoples in a magic realism story story with spirits and fairy tales set in modern-day London. There are bookshops and insane little girls and retellings of Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, and a teensy bit of Cinderella. So... yeah.
Emma is the quiet much-haired owner of Shelby Lane Bookshop, which is not on a Shelby Lane. Think Persephone of the Raven Cycle but less ethereal and more bookish. 
James is the imaginary son of Princess Di, born a year before she died. (You can t…

Nostalgia and Ridiculous 9-Year-Old Behavior

Hey guys! I apologize I haven't been posting much. I'm working on it, though!

I was looking through an old blog by family used to have, which had all of 12 posts. One of them I wrote (long ago, when I was only 9 3/4 or something of the type) was an old-timey letter my mother "insisted" I post. Here it is, for nostalgia's sake. (Remember, it's a 9 year old messing around, so don't judge. :))

Dear Friends, family, neighbors, and all ye old gossips,   We are very sad to find ourselves able to truthfully tell you that our lovely (Though she has a large wart on one of her abnormally large feet and a rather embarrassingly noticeable mole on her neck) daughter Lucinda Jane-Marie Thompson Greene has decided to be one with a disgustingly handsome country tramp by the name of Harris Hartford, with only a quarter of a million dollars to speak of, and no parents, as both died from the plague. It is a pity, as they could have knocked some sense into his head, though we…

5 Types of OTPs

Friends. Romans. Countrymen.

I greet you from the darkest, blackest time of night. (Shh it's 9:20 but it's winter so that's like the equivalent of midnight. And I'm tired. So please no judgement.) I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've just been busy with the holidays and school restarting and whatnot. And I went to London!!! And saw LES MIS!!!!

Yes, I saw the immortal Les Miserables. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I will probably fangirl about it shortly.

But that's another post. For now, I am going to introduce you guys to the five types of OTPs!


"One True Pairing. Meaning the your favorite combination of characters in a fandom."

-Urban Dictionary

1. The Awkward
This is, by far, the most common type of OTP, for two reasons. One, this appears often in books, and two, awkward OTPs are really, really adorable.
Your textbook Awkward OTP knows, deep in their fictional hearts, that they love each other. Except they don't really fully realize …

Rambles of Celebration

Yo, Imaginers! This is Ilse, writing from the East Coast. Home of this dog. (Sorry about quality. My phone's plugged in, so I had to zoom lots.)
And that dog's BFF. Anyway. 
Yes, you heard me right. I'm in the United States!
You normal Americans, you do not appreciate your country enough. Especially convenience. And Target. 
Sing it with me, Bekah. TAAARRGGEEETTT. 
Anyway, there are negative things about being in America rather than Germany. Namely, jet lag. As a result of the time difference, I've been waking up around 4:30 AM. Yep. But, you know, it's worth it. 
I know what you're thinking. When is she going to explode into Christmas obsession?
We have 6 days left, people! I'm so. Excited. It's going to be awesome. 
Well, I have to go, so you'll have to deal with a random, rambling post. Have a merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, or whatever else you celebrate! Bye!