A Conversation

How are you?


How am I?

Oh, how thoughtful of you to ask. I am good, too.

You didn’t ask?

You are so rude.

I wish you wouldn’t be that way.

You know, your petty excuses won’t work.

Chocolate? What did you say about chocolate?

Hmmph…dat ith gud. No, it’s not rude to talk with your mouth full. You are all about etiquette, aren’t you?

You know, I think I am just done with you.

You’re my mother?

I never knew that, but it would explain a lot…wait a sec, have I met you?

You aren’t my mother after all?

Phew, that felt weird.

Got any more chocolate?

No? How sad…

Wait, what??!!!

You ate it??!!!
GO AWAY!!!!!

No more bribes! Anyway, I don’t like strawberry ice cream. Or vanilla.

Away with your petty rainbow sprinkles.


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