Bekah the Bookworm

Hey guys! It's me again. So you know one of the reasons I made a blog? Well, I might not have if it weren't for a special viewer called Bekah.

***Amid cheers I call Bekah up from the audience and we wave to the cheering paparazzi***

(by the way I cannot spell paparazzi without right clicking and checking. JSYK)

Bekah is a fan of Warrior cats (go Leafpool), My Little Pony Friendship Magic, and more. She's a budding writer, working on The Quest of Sun Valley  and Agent Academy. Find out more-on her blog!
You'll find the link to Bekah the Bookworm, a blog after my own heart, on the side. It has rants, art, books, ideas and more! Please-give it a try. You won't regret it.


  1. I strongly recommend you watch my little pony friendship is magic

  2. Thank you, thank you; no applause required ;)
    Thanks for showing people my blog! I'll return the favor in my next post :)

    ~Bekah the Bookworm


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