Hey people!

Hi! This is Ilse the Imaginer, your average fangirl/writer/traveler. A little about myself: I am an American living in Germany, which gives me lots of cool travel opportunities! I love to write, mostly poetry, and am obsessed with (not necessarily in this order):

1. Harry Potter
2. Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology
3. The Phantom of the Opera
4. Emily of New Moon
5. Churros

No, Churros are not books, it is a yummy food. Look it up.

Anyway, I hope you like this blog! Stay tuned for some travel tips for Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida!

Ilse the Imaginer


  1. I'm a total Percy Jackson geek too!

  2. I had a churro once, and I regret not buying 1 million :)

    1. IKR! Also, Costco has THE BEST churros EVER!! :)

  3. YAY!!!! I'm glad you're blogging!!!

    (I only just got to reading this post X"D)

    1. I just realized that I never got around to replying to this.......so THANKS! (grins)

  4. *ahem* Soooo, stalking your old posts, and... Emily of New Moon is awesome! Those books are SO fun!

    And when you say The Phantom of the Opera, are you referring to the book or the movie? I read the book, but I haven't seen the movie.

    1. I was referring to the musical, specifically the 25th anniversary version.

      You are not allowed to read my old posts, they are far too horrendous!


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