How to Blog

Hey guys! I thought you might want a how-to on blogging. So I made you:
The Ultimate Grand Detailed Guide For Successful Blogging Forevermore!
I hope all your questions are answered!

1. Get a Google Account.
2. Go to Apps and click Blogger.
3. Click add blog.
4. Do what it tells you to-name it, etc.
5. Make a Hello, peoples post.
6. Think of a random topic
7. Post about it
8. Email EVERYONE you know about your new blog!
9. Add cool gadgets!
10. Continue posting and thank me on bended knee.

Ta-da! And no laughing, Bekah. (Yes, I know enough about you to know you are laughing inside, Bekah.)


  1. **abruptly covers my laughing with a cough at that last time**
    Laughing? Me? Nah, you must be mistaken...


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