Lilliana DuVince's Advice Column

Hello world. I was planning to finish Stepsisters Part 2 but I'm not really in the mood right now, so...

Welcome to Lilliana DuVince's Advice Column!

What's that? It's where YOU comment questions to YOUR favorite teacher, and YOUR favorite teacher answers! Here's an example Q&As from Lilliana's pals.

Hey Lilliana!
Hi Lilliana. How are you? You are so cool. You always know what to say and do...I have your autograph framed on my wall. Well, I'm getting off track. My question is, what kind of pet is perfect for someone who:
a) spends most of her time online
b) has a short attention span
c) loves animals!
Please, please help me. I can do NOTHING until you give me the A-OK! Please, please help.
Thank you in advance!
Your biggest fan,
Nervous Ranter

Darling Nervous Ranter,
Oh, I remember you! You were always the one on, excusez-moi, the fringe when it came to rassemblements sociaux. From my extensive dealings with animals, I can definitely recommend the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are very low-care. And they like their alone time while you perfect my fan website! Parfait! 
Feeling Geniusly,
Lilliana DuVince
YOUR favorite teacher!

Note: Questioning Lilliana's experience, I, Ilse the Imaginer, looked up hedgehogs and I have found that all she says is true. I think it's fair to say that most of her answers are valid-but we should be careful about her fashion tips!

-I I


  1. Dear Lilliana,

    What exactly are you the teacher of?

    Curious New Kid

    1. Dear Bekah-
      Once again, commenting through Ilse! I will get back to you when others comment. After all, in all my previous celebrity Q&As I've answered multiple questions at once. Just know I haven't forgotten you!


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