Silly Field Trip Form

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),
Hello hello! This is Lilliana DuVince, YOUR child’s teacher! We’ve had a great kickoff promising to bloom into a bright cherry-blossom tree of a year (don’t you just love cherry-blossom trees? I certainly do!) and it’s time to consider our first field trip!
I always like the ducklings to have a choice of their breadcrumbs, so to speak, whether they’d pick soda-bread, sourdough, white, or challah. Well, ducks, they chose challah—a delicious taste for a delicious year! We’re going to Mr. DiPlume’s Candy Lagoon Factory, and learn all about assembly lines, teamwork, and yummy treats! I’m afraid that the day, October 3, will be field trip day for the whole school, so unless your little duckling is feeling unwell, the trip is not quite optional. Lunch will be served, so all your child needs to bring is a container for a little something to take home.
Wish us a Bon Voyage, or, should I say, Bon Appetite,
Lilliana DuVince
YOUR childs teacher

I,________________________, parent (or legal guardian, or even illegal guardian) of ___________________, who is so lucky to be in the class of the beautiful, charming, witty, _____________ Miss (as in yet unmarried) Lilliana DuVince, legally (or even illegally) say that a) the said Miss Lilliana DuVince looks simply ravishing in that sassy new dress, and b) the said child ___________________, who is so lucky to be in the said beautiful, charming, witty, _____________ Miss (as in yet unmarried) Lilliana DuVince’s class, who looks simply ravishing in that sassy new dress, which really does match her amethyst necklace and earrings quite well, is allowed, nay, encouraged and desperately forced to go on the field trip on October 3 to Mr. DiPlume’s Candy Lagoon Factory, where I (applies if unmarried male) will be joining her at the restaurant at half past 12. Thank you, thank you, Lilliana-oh, all right, I’ll call you Lilly-for your time and effort. P.S. your new maxi dress is gorgeous, but not half as stunningly exquisite and attractive as your wonderful self is.
                                                                      If female: Signed,
                                                                                   If (unmarried) male: Love,



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