Stepsisters Part 1 do-over

Part 1
Elizabeth Gurney was mad.
She was so mad she couldn't see straight.
She was so mad she wanted to do something drastic.

The object of Elizabeth's anger was her father. After 2 years he finally got a girlfriend after divorcing her mother, and he chose Ms. Swanbrook?? To be sure, Ms. Swanbrook was a perfectly excellent lady. She made brownies like nobody's business and was the president of Vincent Creek Middle School's PTA. She wasn't the problem. The problem was her daughter.

Jennifer Swanbrook was so stereotypical it was amazing how she existed outside of a book or a DVD case. Starting with her blond hair with a purple strip down to her rhinestoned boots and all the sassy designer in between, she was something the traditional popular girl, with all the rudeness to social outcasts that came with it. She was something of a nemesis to Elizabeth. Why? I'll explain.

Elizabeth Emily Gurney had never worn any makeup in her life, or even wanted to, apart from when she was five and pretending to be a pirate with a big-lipstick-scar on her cheek. She had never had a crush on a boy or worn earrings-because unlike most girls at VCMS, her ears weren't pierced. And, of course, Elizabeth hated Jennifer.

At this point, you may be wondering what Elizabeth looked like at age 13, or worse, imagining her wrong. Elizabeth still has thick shoulder-length chestnut hair, but has long since discarded her purple glasses for contacts. Her eyes are still light green and she is still average height, weight, and shoe size, as far as I can tell without being impolite. After all, it would hardly be courteous to ask her how many pounds she is.
            The generous splatter of freckles across her small nose has faded now. She still loves art with the fever of days gone by and she still loves cats, though Jasper is long in his shoe-box grave. It's a little melancholy to see her beautiful little children now that look so like she used to-but this account is by no means just a friend's memoir. It is a story, and so I will make it worth the reader's while.

            Anyway, Elizabeth was mad. She wanted to shake her father and scream at him, but she knew it was no use. Instead, she decided to wait it out, and perhaps do something to ruin the relationship…but now it was time for bed. There was school in the morning, and after what Jennifer had done last Thursday, she had her revenge all planned out…


  1. Wow! That is amazing! Even better written then the previous one, and it explains things much better.

    Can't wait to read more!
    (By the way, your writing style reminds me of my friend Karis's)


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