Stepsisters Part 1

Elizabeth Gurney laid down her head on her desk and cried. It wasn't a long cry or a stormy cry but it was a cry nonetheless and Elizabeth was determined to have it.
Why was Miss Gurney crying? There are many answers to that question, but mostly because she felt she ought to cry in her semi-tragic position and she knew all too well that what ought to be done must be done.
You see, after two years of being divorced to Elizabeth's mother, Melina Lawrence,  Elizabeth's father, John Gurney, had decided to get remarried. He was a handsome fellow, and still in his mid-thirties, so why wouldn't he? He had picked out a prosperous and beautiful young widow, Delanie Swanbrook, with a daughter, Jennifer, who was thirteen, like his own Elizabeth. All in all, Mr. Gurney felt quite proud of himself over the whole affair and was delighted to find himself happening to feel the kind of affection for Delanie which is not quite love but near enough that it will, in time, become it. So he naturally was surprised when his should-be grateful daughter blew up in his face like a volcano.
"Dad, you're getting MARRIED??? Do you know how catastrophic that is? Especially to a widow with a girl. Do you know how horrible it will have a stepsister-to BE a stepsister? I can't believe how awful and cruel you're being to your only child! How could you Dad? How could you?"
At which point the upset girl ran up to her room, slammed her door, and cried out of duty to the moment.
At this point you may be wondering what Elizabeth looks like, or worse, imagining her wrong. She has to this day thick shoulder-length chestnut hair, and not to this day purple glasses, because now she likes to use brown glasses or contacts. She is still average height, weight, and shoe size-well, I can't be sure about the shoe size because I can't find a way to quietly look in her shoes to find the number hidden there, but I can glance at her feet and guess, so that's okay. She also no longer has a splash of freckles across her small nose, but naturally still has hazel brown eyes.

Well, the next day Elizabeth, in nice neat jeans and a nice neat blue and purple striped t-shirt calmly ate breakfast, calmly brushed her teeth, and calmly waited in the hall to meet for the second time Delanie and the first time Jennifer, much to the surprise of her fidgety father.
Elizabeth kept her cool as small, blond Delanie and small, blond Jennifer entered the hall. She noticed that Jennifer had a rebellious stripe of purple in her platinum hair and was wearing eye-shadow. Also, she was wearing very short purple rhinestoned jean shorts and a pink top that was a millimeter away from being a tank top. At this point, Elizabeth was still calm.
But that was before the alarms began to blare.


  1. Wow! That was amazing, and wonderfully written!
    Fantastic, I can't wait for more :D!

  2. This is fun! I love stories with a witty narrator :)


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