Who invented war? Just think about it. Is it just primal instinct? Because war is stupid. Really. Is your only way to problem solve seeing who can kill the most innocent people? Are we toddlers here? Whoever wins a war can often be the side least worthy of its benefits, the side who is the best at killing. That's just ridiculous. Also, who invented swords? Seriously, did some cave man take some metal and make it pointy? I guess they're more effective than clubs, but really. Did you need to start humankind on a track that would lead them to tanks, guns, and bombs? It's just sad that we would have tools used simply for murder. 
I'm not saying soldiers or generals or anyone like that is bad. They're brave for risking their lives for their country. At this point, war is kind of inevitable. It's like we all took a road and expected to turn  back but now can't stop, and I think this road takes us to our doom. 
War is sad. Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts have all been killed for a cause, which, whether good or bad, has taken the lives of thousands, even millions.
Humans are like ants. If you put two colonies of ants in two containers with a tunnel between them, they will go to war. It's as if we can't not wage war. It's as if we need war.
But we don't. Probably we will just go on warring until something stops us, the end of the world maybe, but there's a possibility that one day we'll try for peace. Maybe everyone will wake up one day different, ready to achieve, to help, to climb down to help a neighbor up. I don't know. But I'm going to keep on hoping.


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