What Happens When I'm Separated From My Pillow Pet Too Long

Dear Pillow Pet,
I am writing this letter to thank you. Not only are you soft and cuddly, for a while you made every other pillow feel hard and cold comparatively. Sure, you didn't live up to your ad--I can never keep you closed long enough to be a pet, and sure, a pair of pajamas simply won't fit inside you, but I can say that you have been a faithful companion since that first fluffy night.
Of course, we've had our bad days. We've had our arguments and disdain for each other. You've pranked me. I've pranked you. You called me names. I called you names. Yet, through it all, we have maintained a strong connection that I hope will never be broken, or tainted with hatred. Please accept my apologies for all I've done to you, for I accept yours for all you've done to me.
The hour is at hand to say goodbye. Tears fill my eyes as the last word seals our separation. Please--don't speak if all that might have been. Think of the joys we've had together. Think of the time we convinced my brother he was an okapi. Think of the love we'll always share.
Ilse the Imaginer


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