Who is Lilliana DuVince?

For those of you who are familiar with this blog, Lilliana DuVince is a frequent character. You know she is a silly teacher who is always open for a date and is endlessly reading romance novels by a Miss Rebekah Starpaw. But do you know everything about her? I, Ilse the Imaginer, personal friend of Miss DuVince, will describe her to the best of my abilities.

Full Name: Lilliana Marianna DuVince
Personality: Romantic and silly. Miss DuVince is a fully-fledged flirt and romance novel fan.
Occupation: YOUR child's teacher! Yes, that annoys me too.
Looks: Contest time! From YOUR, that's right, YOUR comments, I will decide what Lilliana DuVince looks like! Please comment below and show me how YOU imagine Lilliana!
Ambitions: To be in Unquenched Love, her favorite soap opera!

Bye Bye! Remember to enter before August First. See ya later on the web!

-Ilse the Imaginer  


  1. In my mind, this is what she looks like (I can't help but put it in book form from the P.O.V of a new student);

    "There she is!"
    I looked up from my desk. My jaw dropped as I saw our teacher.
    Ms. Lilliana Marianna DuVince did not look like a typical TV teacher. She looked like a cosplayer of Professor Trelawney strait out of a mad house.
    Her flame-red curls--or, rather, knots--were held in a strange contraption of the back of her head, looking quite like a bird's nest, though slightly resembling a bun. Giant purple cat-eye glasses sat on the tip of her nose. Her large blue eyes were sort of glossy, as if she was daydreaming. Long bead necklaces danged around her neck. Her smile reminded me of a bright-red upside-down crescent moon. The lightest layer of freckles adorned her cheeks. She wore a lilac sweater over a jean-skirt with orange-and-purple dotted leggings. She had mismatched shoes on, one blue flip-flop and one black boot.
    "Do pardon my appearance," She said distantly with a soft, enchanting voice.
    "She's talking about her shoes," A boy to my right sniggered. "She always looks like that!"

    1. Nice one! Also I might mix entries together...I like the POV story!

  2. To me she seems like she would have Long, brown, wavy hair that she always keeps in a tight bun with a few extra strands of hair that are curly and hang out right in front of her ears, with pink reading glasses sit a little bit down on her nose, so whenever she talks to you she looks over the tops of her glasses and she almost never sets down her books, she has hazel eyes and fair skin, THE END.

    1. Ooh! That's also a lovely description! I can imagine yours wearing a white blouse with a black business skirt... Yeah, your description rules :D


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