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Mmm...Baking. Do you get excited when you hear that word? Does it bring to you thoughts of cracking eggs, or of chocolatey dough, or of brownies being pulled out of the oven, covered in shimmery heat? Ahh...baking is just as wonderful to me as blogging, though polar opposites.
What is it about baking? Do I love turning raw, inedible ingredients into something delicious and new? Or do I just love eating the dough, or confronting a challenge? I certainly don't like as much when the pastry comes out of the oven. What are your thoughts on baking? Also, remember, no one has entered the Magic Challenge yet! Oh, and Bekah, Lillianna said to tell you she teaches all-around fifth grade.

Books YOU Need to Read Right Now

Hey guys! A couple of my pals and I decided to tell you what you need to read. Right now. Like, run as fast as you can holding a laptop open to your library and feverishly check for the books. RIGHT NOW. DO IT.

Anyway, I decided as sponsor I should go first. We will each recommend a couple of books.
The people recommending are:
Lilliana DuVince
Mrs. Downtoearth
Mr. Cleanhallfreak
Dela Raye
The Chocolate Lover!!!! (my personal favorite)
Okay guys, it's me! I need you all to read:
The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall is about a family of one father, four girls, and a dog. The eldest is Rosalind, a sensible 12 year old who may or not be falling in love, with brave 11 year old tomboy Skye next in line, hot hot hot temper and all, 10 year old dramatically artistic Jane coming through, and shy animal-loving Batty, the four year old, in tow. What happens when a family such as this, completed with huge, lovable Hound, finds a new friend in the mansion in front of there guest cottage? And…

What I Do

In Naples, I couldn't decide which kind of ice cream to choose, chocolate or dark chocolate. Suddenly, all eyes were on me. What kind should I choose? Dulce de leche looked yum, but what with? "Ilse," Dad asked, "What do you want?" Now I had to decide. I could put it off no longer.
I picked both. Deal with it.


Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently...feeling of shame...
Anyway, my friend Bekah left a TMI post up for grabs, so ***deep breath*** here I come....
                                                  What are you wearing?
A navy blue pocketed t-shirt, exercise shorts, an oversized maroon extremely soft Cambridge University sweatshirt, a Native American beaded bracelet, and a turquoise digital watch. What, it's called TMI Tag!!! Have you ever been in love? fictional characters count? Because outside of Harry Potter, Gilbert Blythe, Jeffrey Tifton, Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Prince Caspian, WESLEY I LOVE YOU, and (blush at the list) etc, I've never had a crush. Have you ever had a terrible breakup? Nope. Never dated, never had a crush outside of the pages of a book. How tall are you? 4 foot something or other. How much do you weigh? 8000 pounds. Next question. Any tattoos? Currently, I have no temporary tattoos, nor have I had any for years. And no, I don'…


The fundamental question in any organism's life varies, but it is normally where is food?. One of the few variations to this rule is the human being. In a way, on this planet it is our job to ask why. Why does the sun rise and set? Why do leaves change to scarlet and gold sometimes-or perhaps, sometimes turn green? Why do we fear? But most of all, why are we here? Why have humans been placed on this earth? I believe that there is a God, and He gave us this world to prove ourselves and gain eternal life. Some believe we evolved from monkeys, but most don't trouble their minds with it. I believe that that is one of the worst kinds of ignorance there is, to not have a sense of wonder and curiousity. So next time you see a mountain standing tall or a river gliding by, ask yourself why.

The Magic Challenge

That's right, readers! Another challenge! Let's get right to it...what is the magic challenge? The challenge is thus:

Make 1 slideshow.
Make it represent magic to you. It can be words, pictures, abstract shapes...anything. Hey, it can even be Harry Potter fanness! And there are no wrong answers. I will pick 1 random winner (using to win...:

1 Blog Post!
That's right people! The winner emails their post to me (same rules apply as below) and I will, no questions asked, post it on here. Unless it is rude or coarse or bad language-i-fied. (just covering my bases)

Email the slideshow to me. (most of you know my email. if you don't, you are probably someone who looks at Bekah's blog and you can email it to/share it with Bekah and she can forward it to me)
All right folks! It's YOUR time to make magic!

The Story of Dela Raye

Once, when cold winds were fair and the stars twinkled in the sky, a young girl lived in the village of Paraja. Her name was called Dela Raye and she wanted for her own a star on earth, a gem mined from the weeping dust. She went to the castle of the kingdom, Cantorin, and went on, past the iron gates, past the copper-studded doorways of ominous presence. To the kitchens went Dela Raye, and became a cleaner, a scurrier, an order-taker until many coins sang in her leather pouch. She to the Princess's presence chamber took herself, begging for the meagerest of jewels, a rhinestone dropped from a sparkled gown for the price of her coin. The Princess was outraged, fiery dark in soul. She took her coins, her shoes, her cap, left her in the damp and starving dungeon. A Prince, to be wed to the Princess, saw the cruel happenings and traveled himself to the prison where the freezing, hungry Dela Raye lay. He fell in love with her and her with him. He gave her a shining, violet gem, bread …

The Contest is Won-What does Lilliana DuVince Look Like?

Dear Online Friends,Hello! This is Lilliana DuVince, YOUR favorite teacher, and finally you get to know what I look like! If you want, you can imagine me however, because I know how frustrating it is when half-way through a book a character looks completely different than what you imagined. But for all intents and purposes, the winner of the contest is:
Bekah the Bookworm!
Bekah won with her entry here:
"In my mind, this is what she looks like (I can't help but put it in book form from the P.O.V of a new student);

'There she is!'
I looked up from my desk. My jaw dropped as I saw our teacher.
Ms. Lilliana Marianna DuVince did not look like a typical TV teacher. She looked like a cosplayer of Professor Trelawney strait out of a mad house.
Her flame-red curls--or, rather, knots--were held in a strange contraption of the back of her head, looking quite like a bird's nest, though slightly resembling a bun. Giant purple cat-eye glasses sat on the tip of her nose. Her large blu…