The Contest is Won-What does Lilliana DuVince Look Like?

Dear Online Friends,
Hello! This is Lilliana DuVince, YOUR favorite teacher, and finally you get to know what I look like! If you want, you can imagine me however, because I know how frustrating it is when half-way through a book a character looks completely different than what you imagined. But for all intents and purposes, the winner of the contest is:

Bekah the Bookworm!

Bekah won with her entry here:

"In my mind, this is what she looks like (I can't help but put it in book form from the P.O.V of a new student);

'There she is!'
I looked up from my desk. My jaw dropped as I saw our teacher.
Ms. Lilliana Marianna DuVince did not look like a typical TV teacher. She looked like a cosplayer of Professor Trelawney strait out of a mad house.
Her flame-red curls--or, rather, knots--were held in a strange contraption of the back of her head, looking quite like a bird's nest, though slightly resembling a bun. Giant purple cat-eye glasses sat on the tip of her nose. Her large blue eyes were sort of glossy, as if she was daydreaming. Long bead necklaces danged around her neck. Her smile reminded me of a bright-red upside-down crescent moon. The lightest layer of freckles adorned her cheeks. She wore a lilac sweater over a jean-skirt with orange-and-purple dotted leggings. She had mismatched shoes on, one blue flip-flop and one black boot.
'Do pardon my appearance,' She said distantly with a soft, enchanting voice. 
'She's talking about her shoes,' A boy to my right sniggered. 'She always looks like that!'"

Here's Ilse with some comments:
Bekah, I love your writing style! To to the way I imagine her, I will make a few edits, but mostly be based on your description. Yes, I know you're annoyed. Yes, I know you're thinking, Then why did she make this stupid contest anyway? Well, that's how I would feel. But it's what I'm going to do, so please, don't get mad at me.

For starters, I love the idea of "flame-red curls". So, Lilliana is a redhead. I also like her eyes being blue but I think that she doesn't have glasses. I must say I imagine her mostly in dressier clothes, mostly dresses, and the freckles don't really fit with the aura I gave her. And I think she'd wear high heels.

Please don't get mad at me Bekah! Please email me to negotiate a reward.

And I'm back! Now that Ilse has said all the good stuff. :( Well, don't forget to ask me a Q&A!! Goodbye!

Lilliana DuVince
YOUR favorite teacher!


  1. I'm not mad at all! I'm glad I won!
    ...Prize? If you feel one is necessary, sure; I'll email you about it.

  2. I love all your writing! It's so fun to read advice from Lilliana :) I have a question for her:

    I was planning an outdoor activity today, but it started to rain. What kind of activities do you propose for rainy days?

  3. Dear Kathryn--
    What's not to do? There are so many things! Read a novel is my personal favorite. You can sew a blanket, call a friend, play a board game, and build castles in the air. The world is yours. You can do so much.
    Love, Lilliana


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