The Magic Challenge

That's right, readers! Another challenge! Let's get right to it...what is the magic challenge? The challenge is thus:

Make 1 slideshow.
Make it represent magic to you. It can be words, pictures, abstract shapes...anything. Hey, it can even be Harry Potter fanness! And there are no wrong answers. I will pick 1 random winner (using to win...:

1 Blog Post!
That's right people! The winner emails their post to me (same rules apply as below) and I will, no questions asked, post it on here. Unless it is rude or coarse or bad language-i-fied. (just covering my bases)

Email the slideshow to me. (most of you know my email. if you don't, you are probably someone who looks at Bekah's blog and you can email it to/share it with Bekah and she can forward it to me)
All right folks! It's YOUR time to make magic!


  1. Dear Miss Imaginer,

    What is the deadline for entries? Do I have time to plan my magical submission or should I strive for spontaneous and speedy creativity?


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