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Sorry, this is my fourth post in two days...don't judge me.

This post is on compliments. What do I think? I think that my compliments are (almost) always sincere, but I don't really enjoy people complimenting me.

There are different reasons for compliments that I will go through.

1. Your appearance.

Maybe it's just a girl thing, but when I see a friend, it's like, I love your sweater, wow those boots are cute! I need to say it: sometimes I just don't get thanking someone for saying that something you're wearing is pretty. But now I get that,'s about your talent at putting together the outfit...#epiphany. And as for how you look, sometimes you just need to hear how great your hair looks when you don't attempt to tame it. So this is the only category I like being complimented on. I know, I know, call me shallow, but when you actually put effort into your appearance, I want my friends to acknowledge it. So, if any boys (though I kinda doubt it) …

That Moment...

When you say a great last word and then the other person replies.

When someone answers a question not meant to be answered.

When someone talks about a party you weren't invited to.

When someone notices that you and someone else are having a sleepover and goes, "Oh, so you and so-and-so are sleeping over?"
Um. Yes. Sorry.

When you say something and you realize that it sounds SO. STUPID!

When you're groping around for your lamp-pull and you knock down a million things. Uh-oh...

When you just can't think of a blog post.

When you realize you've been on YouTube for an hour.


Please comment if you relate. I need someone to join my pity party.

A Few Life Tips

I know what you're going to say: I really don't have to do this.
My reply? I know! That's what makes me so nice!!
Also, if you haven't seen Wicked and don't realize what AWESOME punning that was, no, I do not have that inflated of an ego.

1. Don't buy a platypus.
Seriously, guys. Just don't. It's not fun. Phineas and Ferb make it seem all cool, but trust me, it's hard.

We never had a platypuss11111

Courtney! Get off! I'm blogging!

Mommy said it was your turn to watch me1

Go ask your big brother.

No111 he's on pocimon.


That was my little sister Courtney and I arguing. She is such a pest, I-

I'm not a pest11 whats a pest//

Come on! Go annoy someone else!

iwlsa, your making me sad...

Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie, it's- HEY!!!



Oh, that old thing.



Stepsisters Part 2

Hey guys! Yes, I finally dragged myself to finish Stepsisters Part 2 and it was really fun! For those of you who haven't read the Part 1 do-over, then please read this post before you read the awesomeness I have in store for you today.

Stepsisters Part 2: A Prank to be Reckoned With
Recap: In Part 1, you get to know Elizabeth, her father, and the Swanbrook family. It ends with Elizabeth having revenge all ready for Jennifer for an unknown wrong she-that is, Jennifer-has done. If you are new to this blog I suggest reading Part 1 before continuing.
It was surprisingly easy to sneak some of Dad's shaving cream into VCMS (*Vincent Creek Middle School). It was even easier to sneak in the superglue, as well as the Tupperware. The picture and the lipstick? Not so much. The picture was from the program of a musical Mom had taken her to. It was called Flying Free and it was about a girl who runs away from her dysfunctional family in WWII to become a pilot. The girl's father was often …

Rabid Imagination Number 1

Welcome to a world where anything is possible, where wolves have souls and people fly. Welcome to somewhere were you can truly be you and I can truly be me.

This is Rabid Imagination, where I post whatever comes into my head! Please comment and keep the flow going.

Let the games begin!

Why is life so ghastly and
Defending blood is ghastly and
Sacrifice is ghastly and
All is right except the truth?

When will latkes fly?

There was once a toad named George.
He was a terrible bore.
He studied dirt lore
'Til found, shipwrecked on a shore.

OH! I want to tell you guys about a story idea I had. So this girl named Blue Orinsgale is a lot like KM Shea's heroines: she's smart with a hot temper. (BTW she has long very blond hair and blue eyes.) She lives at this orphanage but the peoples are nice. They basically adopted her, a really nice Mrs. Weasley/ Granny Relda/ Aunt Zelda type named Mrs. Plum?? WHAT SHOULD I CALL HER SHOULD I CHOOSE TO WRITE THIS OUT WHICH IS IMPROBABLE??? And …

Videos you Need to See

Hey guys! Don't ask me why I'm posting at six o'clock in the morning. It brightens my aura of darkness to tell you I woke up at five fifteen and could fall asleep again.

Dang it! I told you!

Anyway, this post is inspired by this post by Bekah the Bookworm.

Go on. Click it. You got time.

So I'm going to try not to do too many Studio C videos, but it will be a struggle. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!

Okay....these will not be in any particular order because I'm not that kind of organized. I don't even know how to put videos on here and have only a vague idea about which videos I choose. Deep breath. Here goes.

is perfect for comedy lovers and Hunger Games fans, and yes I can sing/rap all these songs in my sleep. I know, I know, Studio C, but you have to love it! You know, I think I'll link. You are required by law to watch these.

Watch this first. Katniss should be on Team Peeta, yeah
Now watch this. Brown hair, soft eyes, kills children