Sorry, this is my fourth post in two days...don't judge me.

This post is on compliments. What do I think? I think that my compliments are (almost) always sincere, but I don't really enjoy people complimenting me.

There are different reasons for compliments that I will go through.

1. Your appearance.

Maybe it's just a girl thing, but when I see a friend, it's like, I love your sweater, wow those boots are cute! I need to say it: sometimes I just don't get thanking someone for saying that something you're wearing is pretty. But now I get that,'s about your talent at putting together the outfit...#epiphany. And as for how you look, sometimes you just need to hear how great your hair looks when you don't attempt to tame it. So this is the only category I like being complimented on. I know, I know, call me shallow, but when you actually put effort into your appearance, I want my friends to acknowledge it. So, if any boys (though I kinda doubt it) are reading, please comment and tell me if it's just a girl thing. And, yes, I am practically always sincere in this section. I can't remember I time in which I wasn't.

2. A talent.

This may be weird, but I hate being complimented on something I write. I don't know why, but it's just so-so-so irksome. Yes, I use the word irksome. Get over it. Also Bekah, I know, you're going to comment below in compliment form just to annoy me. If you weren't going to, I'm so sorry I put that idea into your head. I'm usually sincere about this category, but let's be honest, if you give an awesome oral report and someone else gives a frankly, lame one, you'll say it was great. (please know this is hypothetical if you're in Mr. C's social studies.) Guys, I'm revealing all, so don't judge me. If you have a blog I occasionally comment on, I am always sincere in those because I could just not comment. Well, that was mostly to Bekah, but still.

3. A trait.

This is my last category. An example of this is saying, you're so helpful, or, you're so friendly! It's kinda nice to hear it once. More than that is simply annoying. I admit, I could be more sincere in this category, but if someone says you're good at making friends or baking. then there's this awkward pause like, don't you want to say I'm good at making friends? Which of course, may be true, but they also may be a caveman who you took pity on and then instantly regretted it. Who knows?

So that is the end of my compliment analysis. Am I weird? Average? Whatever it is, please please please comment below with your thoughts on compliments. And don't forget to subscribe if you haven't yet!


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