Rabid Imagination Number 1

Welcome to a world where anything is possible, where wolves have souls and people fly. Welcome to somewhere were you can truly be you and I can truly be me.

This is Rabid Imagination, where I post whatever comes into my head! Please comment and keep the flow going.

Let the games begin!

Why is life so ghastly and
Defending blood is ghastly and
Sacrifice is ghastly and
All is right except the truth?

When will latkes fly?

There was once a toad named George.
He was a terrible bore.
He studied dirt lore
'Til found, shipwrecked on a shore.

OH! I want to tell you guys about a story idea I had. So this girl named Blue Orinsgale is a lot like KM Shea's heroines: she's smart with a hot temper. (BTW she has long very blond hair and blue eyes.) She lives at this orphanage but the peoples are nice. They basically adopted her, a really nice Mrs. Weasley/ Granny Relda/ Aunt Zelda type named Mrs. Plum?? WHAT SHOULD I CALL HER SHOULD I CHOOSE TO WRITE THIS OUT WHICH IS IMPROBABLE??? And her niece/daughter the ultra-cool Miss Hazel or WHAT SHOULD I CALL HER SHOULD I CHOOSE TO WRITE THIS OUT WHICH IS IMPROBABLE??? Well, they live in this big, secluded house with a couple of other kids...well, when I say a couple I don't mean 2, I mean like Kane Chronicles or like a half dozen.  ***digging through a drawer filled with half-full notebooks for the right one*** NO! IT'S THE WRONG ONE!! PAPA JOE!! (that's from my cuz Cassy) OK so there's also this pop star kid named Jonas Scarlet and for some reason his parents drop him off there for the summer and they find out...I'm not spoiling it because I think I'll choose to write this. I give you a hint, though: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Toodle-oo! I made a drawing on Paint but it wouldn't load to get on here. Sigh. Anyway, please comment below on Rabid Imagination! Thanks!


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