Stepsisters Part 2

Hey guys! Yes, I finally dragged myself to finish Stepsisters Part 2 and it was really fun! For those of you who haven't read the Part 1 do-over, then please read this post before you read the awesomeness I have in store for you today.

Stepsisters Part 2: A Prank to be Reckoned With

Recap: In Part 1, you get to know Elizabeth, her father, and the Swanbrook family. It ends with Elizabeth having revenge all ready for Jennifer for an unknown wrong she-that is, Jennifer-has done. If you are new to this blog I suggest reading Part 1 before continuing.

It was surprisingly easy to sneak some of Dad's shaving cream into VCMS (*Vincent Creek Middle School). It was even easier to sneak in the superglue, as well as the Tupperware. The picture and the lipstick? Not so much.
    The picture was from the program of a musical Mom had taken her to. It was called Flying Free and it was about a girl who runs away from her dysfunctional family in WWII to become a pilot. The girl's father was often drunk and in the picture in the program, he looked positively giddy.
    The difficulty of the picture was that Dad's favorite actor, Henry Marlowe, had been in the production and was giving out autographs after the show. He liked to flip through the pamphlet before work and gaze, awe-inspired, at the writing.
    Well, she could take the whole thing. Problem solved.
But the lipstick
The problem with the lipstick was that, as it’s been said, Elizabeth was 13 and disliked makeup, so she didn’t own any. However, her friend Lydie did. But to stop at her house on the way to school was cutting it very fine…
But had to be done. It just had to be. So Elizabeth resolved herself. The prank itself would be dangerous, and perhaps deadly-but what Jennifer had done was unforgivable.
“Dad,” she called down the stairs, loading up her backpack, “Can I go to school early to put up campaign posters for the Student Council?”
“Sure, honey!” he replied. “By the way, have you seen my shaving cream? I seem to have mislaid it.”
“Um-bye Daddy!” Elizabeth hastily said, and ran out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, she was at the school. It was a ten minutes walk away, and Lydie had handed over the lipstick, no questions asked. That was one of the good things about Lydie-she’d wait to interrogate you until what you did was done.
Elizabeth knew the doors would be unlocked, for the morning janitor. Who would be in the bathroom right about now, giving her plenty of time to do her job. Prankmeister Ellie was on the prowl.
The Prankmeister knew Jennifer’s locker code, because she had spied on her. She also knew that Miss Swanbrook’s new purple lettered jacket- a present from Josh-a braggart of a football star-was hanging in the back. Which she would wear all day. With an expensive new top. Oh, this was gonna be great!
I would take the time to tell you that what Elizabeth did was very irresponsible, but hey, Jennifer had it coming. She still shouldn’t have done what she did-but come, on, it was awesome!
Opening the locker, Elizabeth unbuttoned the shining purple jacket. She took it out and laid it on the floor with its cushioned hanger. Seriously? A cushioned hanger???? At school? Oh, well. It would still work.
First, she hung the paper with the picture glued on on the hanger. Then, with the lipstick, she drew an air bubble with the words, “Hey babe,” inside. She smothered a laugh at the sight, and then slathered the inside of the jacket with shaving cream and lipstick. On the back, she wrote the words, “Kiss me,” hoping that Jennifer wouldn’t notice until it was too late. Then, she hung up the picture and balanced the Tupperware under it, on a shelved textbook. For the finishing touch, Prankmeister sprayed shaving cream on the drunk dad’s face-which was yes, laminated. Prankmeister had been planning this for a long time. Then she buttoned up the jacket and all looked normal. But even now, she could hear the drip-drip-drip…

She couldn’t wait to see Jennifer’s reaction.
This was gonna be great.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to comment below your greatest prank. If I get three awesome prank comments I will share the story of my most glorified April Fool's Day, which you guys definitely don't want to miss. If you like my blog and me, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would click that subscribe button. So please, subscribe and comment below!


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