That Moment...

When you say a great last word and then the other person replies.

When someone answers a question not meant to be answered.

When someone talks about a party you weren't invited to.

When someone notices that you and someone else are having a sleepover and goes, "Oh, so you and so-and-so are sleeping over?"
Um. Yes. Sorry.

When you say something and you realize that it sounds SO. STUPID!

When you're groping around for your lamp-pull and you knock down a million things. Uh-oh...

When you just can't think of a blog post.

When you realize you've been on YouTube for an hour.


Please comment if you relate. I need someone to join my pity party.


  1. Haha, I can definitely relate to these!—especially about knocking things over in the dark. Sometimes when I'm trying to turn off the light, I accidentally knock over a stack of books, my phone, AND the pillows off my bed. It's rather epic :)

    Thanks for all the entertaining blog posts, Ilse! I love reading them!

    1. You're welcome! Yeah, the knocking things over in the dark is mostly when I'm turning on my light.


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