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Have any of you Imaginers (I'm sorry, I must) seen The Phantom of the Opera? It's SO. GOOD. Creepy, yes. Bad? NO! It's the perfect thing for Halloween, but instead of a man dressing as a monster, a monster dressing as a man. But inside, it is the soul that decides what you are.

Happy Halloween! May your day be full of supernatural fun!


P.S. I'll do a more in-depth analysis of Phantom in the future.

Do You Wanna Take A Selfie?

Hey guys! I wrote this random parody of Disney's Do You Wanna Build A Snowman. Enjoy! 
Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen or the song Do You Wanna Build A Snowman.

I was supposed to do that, right? I don't know.

Do you wanna take a selfie?
Or we can text 6 feet away, You seem to just be interested in outdoor stuff, I don't like to play it rough, I still find pieces of that hay!! We used to chat on our phones, And now, we don't, Why do you wanna meet face-to-face? Do you wanna take a selfie? It doesn't have to be a selfie. Stop calling me, Anna. Okay, bye.
Do you wanna take a selfie? Or we can email back and forth, The wifi is working again, There's a new laptop in the den, Stop talking about Black Beauty the horse! It gets a little lonely, When no one else is on Facebook, Just watching fangirls post!! HP, Percy, Twilight. (The scene in frozen, except that Anna pays no attention, as she is texting)
Elsa? Please, I know you're in their, People have been asking …

My Odd Pet Peeeve

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been a little preoccupied with this:Cutest. Dog. Ever.
Anyway, I have decided to share one of my odd pet peeves!
I know. You are so blessed. Bear with me, readers.
So I'll jump right into it. I love Disney's Beauty and the Beast. We all do, right? But one lyric irritates me So. Much! Remember the awesome first song? Well, when Belle is sitting at the fountain reading, she says, "Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him 'til Chapter Three!" Chapter. Three. WHY would she find out that he's Prince Charming in CHAPTER THREE?!!! The reader shouldn't find out until at least Chapter 6, and the main character needs to wait until the third to last chapter!!!!
Ok. I'm done.
Bye guys!


The time is growing nearer when skeletal hands grasp your shoulder to take you down...when night falls early and screams resound...when darkness shutters you in its grasp...until you are monstrous, at last.

Halloween, huh? Already? I started on July 3rd, so yesterday was my 3 month anniversary of blogging! Yay me! So as a special treat, YOU get to pick what I am for Halloween!

Yup. It's true. PLEASE, PLEASE comment below what you think I should be! I will pick on of the comments! So it's up to you to decide-should I be Lilliana DuVince, an opera star, a ghoul? Or even a jelly bean? I may regret this, but please, comment. I love comments! I know you guys don't comment very much, but I'm relying on you to choose my costume.

Gulp. Bekah, you are not allowed to force me to be a cat in a tutu. That I will not allow.

But anything else is fine! Honestly, if you don't comment, I'll just put on a sweatshirt and say I'm Janet Lowry.

Please, please do this for me, re…

Oh, the Sky

Wow. Tonight as I walk along the well-worn pavement, I glance up, then stop and stare. The pink-tinged clouds hint of a magic now deemed impossible-a magic practiced by ancients, whose powerful deities may on a night like this descend to our careworn world. On a night like this, anything is possible.