Do You Wanna Take A Selfie?

Hey guys! I wrote this random parody of Disney's Do You Wanna Build A Snowman. Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen or the song Do You Wanna Build A Snowman.

I was supposed to do that, right? I don't know.

Do you wanna take a selfie?
Or we can text 6 feet away,
You seem to just be interested in outdoor stuff,
I don't like to play it rough,
I still find pieces of that hay!!
We used to chat on our phones,
And now, we don't,
Why do you wanna meet face-to-face?
Do you wanna take a selfie?
It doesn't have to be a selfie.
Stop calling me, Anna.
Okay, bye.

Do you wanna take a selfie?
Or we can email back and forth,
The wifi is working again,
There's a new laptop in the den,
Stop talking about Black Beauty the horse!
It gets a little lonely,
When no one else is on Facebook,
Just watching fangirls post!!
HP, Percy, Twilight.
(The scene in frozen, except that Anna pays no attention, as she is texting)

Please, I know you're in their,
People have been asking why you seem
To never be online, I live by
The faulty wifi,
Will you fix it?
Without it, we just have each other,
I'd rather post online,
What are we gonna do? 
Do you wanna take a selfie?
(Breaks down crying)


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