The time is growing nearer when skeletal hands grasp your shoulder to take you down...when night falls early and screams resound...when darkness shutters you in its grasp...until you are monstrous, at last.

Halloween, huh? Already? I started on July 3rd, so yesterday was my 3 month anniversary of blogging! Yay me! So as a special treat, YOU get to pick what I am for Halloween!

Yup. It's true. PLEASE, PLEASE comment below what you think I should be! I will pick on of the comments! So it's up to you to decide-should I be Lilliana DuVince, an opera star, a ghoul? Or even a jelly bean? I may regret this, but please, comment. I love comments! I know you guys don't comment very much, but I'm relying on you to choose my costume.

Gulp. Bekah, you are not allowed to force me to be a cat in a tutu. That I will not allow.

But anything else is fine! Honestly, if you don't comment, I'll just put on a sweatshirt and say I'm Janet Lowry.

Please, please do this for me, readers! Thanks, Imaginer out.


  1. Ilse, your choices are excellent. But, given your love of and talent for writing, I think you should costume yourself either as:

    a) An Author (composite)
    b) Writing tools and implements (historical emphasis could be interesting)
    c) The collected works of (insert favorite poet or author)
    d) Your favorite poet or author
    e) The Oxford English Dictionary

    Short of that, I'm for the Opera Singer since you have a flair for the dramatic. Please post a photo of yourself.once the costume and transformation is complete. Looking forward to seeing your choice!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Sophie! I'm sorry, no pictures of me, but I may take one of my costume.

  3. Hmm . . . Maybe you should dress up as your favorite heroine?


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