Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys. I know many of you will not be able to read this on this holiday and the rest will prefer watching parades on TV and family dinners, but I wanted to give you all a special post celebrating a time of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time to relax and count our blessings. Often, we are too caught up in the world of money and duty and chores and school and what-have-you to see the wonderful things, people, and rights that exist in our lives. Thank you all for reading my blog. I love blogging, and I love sharing my writing and strange humor and logic with all of you. We're all little people in a big world, but remember that all of us have something to be grateful for. Whether you are American or not, whether you are cruising or sinking through life, whether you even celebrate Thanksgiving, I know that if we count our blessings, we will realize just how lucky we are. I believe that God gives us more blessings than we can hold, if we really let them in. Some of you may not believe in God. Everyone's belief and culture is different. No matter what, know that somewhere, someone or maybe even someones are grateful for you. And please, remember, I am one of those grateful someones.


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