Me VS Reality

Hello, agents. This is a top-secret record of a conversation with me and reality.

Reality: Hey.
Me: (mumbling) Hi.
Reality: HEY!
Me: Can't you see I'm busy?
Reality: Yes.
Me: Thank you. Please leave me alone.
Reality: (peering over my shoulder) Why are you researching flights from Texas to Washington DC?
Me: For my book.
Reality: (laughing) Oh, yes. Your book.
Me: What? Shut it now.
Reality: It just seems illogical to call 9 chapters a book.
Me: 9.3 repeating. Who cares?
Reality: I do.
Me: Well, I certainly don't.
Reality: Yes you do.
Me: Don't.
Reality: Do.
Me: DON'T! Now, can't you just leave me alone?
Reality: No.
Me: WHY NOT?!!
Reality: It's in the name. Reality. You can never escape me.
Me: Yay. I'm sure you're fun at parties.
Reality: Did you know that I don't have a sense of humor?
Me: Aw, come on!

Guess what, guys? I did ACTUAL WORK on my book today. Isn't that awesome? Look and see for yourself.


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