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Don't Be That Kind of Reindeer: A Message From Santa Claus

Hey guys! Once again, I have a Christmas blog post about SATURNALIA! No, I'm kidding, you Romans. This post is about CHRISTMAS!
Santa Claus sent me a message he wants you to post on your blogs and send to the world. Please, do this, and consider his message.
Dear People, Many of you know of my good friend, Rudolph. He is a young reindeer I have come to like very much. Many a foggy Christmas Eve he has lead me and my sleigh with his bright nose. He is a worthy, kind reindeer, but his story is rather sad. Rudolph was born in a reindeer village called Great Antlers. He has since come to live at the North Pole with me, but I'm getting to that. I previously mentioned Rudolph's bright, glowing red nose. At Great Antlers, other reindeer his age made fun of him because of it. They called him names and excluded him. But when I needed Rudolph to help me, they claimed they loved him. They admired him and were overly kind to him. They had not repented, however. They only decided that …

Christmas Movies Tag

Hello Imaginers! I decided to...dun dun dun...make my own tag! (Is that even legal?)

-Link back to the blogger who tagged you
-Answer the questions
-Tag either a general audience or (a) specific blogger(s)

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
2. Which Christmas movie has your favorite representation of the North Pole?
3. Which Christmas movie has your favorite representation of Santa?
4. What, in your opinion, is the most powerful Christmas movie you've seen?
5. This question you get to write. For me, it is:
What is your favorite song inside a Christmas movie?
6. Which Christmas movie makes you feel the most Christmas magic?

My Answers:
1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Definitely White Christmas. I love the music, the story, and (of course!) the love story.
2. Which Christmas movie has your favorite representation of the North Pole?
Elf. I love the friendly-feeling workshop and the sleigh and the elves!
3. Which Christmas movie has your favorite r…

Peace, Love, and 50 Posts

Hey Imaginers! Just in time for Christmas, this is Post #50! I know, awesome right! So, I'd like to celebrate with a post all about Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation, the love in the air, the music, giving away presents, getting presents, the decorations, the movies, celebrating Christ's birth-all of it, except for the commercialism. Best of all is cuddling with your family on a couch, maybe watching a Christmas movie, maybe opening gifts. So, Imaginers, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Bookworm & my Beast

Hello Imaginers! As you all (should) know, I loveDisney, especially the heroines. (Because Meg and Mulan aren't princesses.) So, I decided to do some posts from the heroines' blogs!

Today's blog is Bookworm & my Beast. Can you guess who it's by? That's right, it's Belle! All right, here goes.

Hello readers! Today I had the most magical experience.
That's right! In the library!

I had a huge epiphany for my novel. You know-Impressionable But Strong. If you're new to Bookworm & my Beast, it's about an orphan girl in a small French village (they always say write what you know!) who is very impressionable, but when an evil lord tries to manipulate her to gain control of her town, she turns the tables on him! My epiphany was about the love interest, who is clearly a spy for the lord but turns out to be a double agent. I was planning for them to meet in the dark and gloomy castle. But I realized-to make the bond between them deeper, they need to m…

Love at First Sight

This is a rant. This is a rant because I completely disagree with the whole idea of love at first sight. I know, I know, it's a beautiful flower that blossoms under the gaze of that Prince Charming of yours. But the thing is, the way it's represented is completely wrong.
Believing in love at first sight has worked its way into culture as being a romantic, a dreamer. I am both of those. Love at first sight is considered the mark of true fairytale romance, the stuff of Cinderella and Juliet. But when you really think about it, it's false. Because it's love at first sight. Sight only shows you what is aesthetically pleasing; it only goes so far. Say what you will about burning eyes--it's simply incorrect. That you can love someone in an instant because of their appearance is very different than the ability to have true love! You don't know the person. I believe you can only truly love once you have shared another's hopes and dreams, wisdoms and follies. Just t…