Bookworm & my Beast

Hello Imaginers! As you all (should) know, I love Disney, especially the heroines. (Because Meg and Mulan aren't princesses.) So, I decided to do some posts from the heroines' blogs!

Today's blog is Bookworm & my Beast. Can you guess who it's by? That's right, it's Belle! All right, here goes.

Hello readers! Today I had the most magical experience.
That's right! In the library!

I had a huge epiphany for my novel. You know-Impressionable But Strong. If you're new to Bookworm & my Beast, it's about an orphan girl in a small French village (they always say write what you know!) who is very impressionable, but when an evil lord tries to manipulate her to gain control of her town, she turns the tables on him! My epiphany was about the love interest, who is clearly a spy for the lord but turns out to be a double agent. I was planning for them to meet in the dark and gloomy castle. But I realized-to make the bond between them deeper, they need to meet in a different environment! So I did a rewrite, and now they meet at a village dance, where they sort of connect. Anyway, that was big for me. Hope you enjoyed!


So guys, what did you think? Should I continue doing this, or stop? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Are you experimenting with fan fiction? Sounds interesting!

    1. Not exactly. I just had a weird idea and did it! :) Hope you enjoyed. Please, don't forget to tell me if I should continue!

  2. Ooh!!! Very interesting!!

    Do keep doing it :D


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