Don't Be That Kind of Reindeer: A Message From Santa Claus

Hey guys! Once again, I have a Christmas blog post about SATURNALIA! No, I'm kidding, you Romans. This post is about CHRISTMAS!
Santa Claus sent me a message he wants you to post on your blogs and send to the world. Please, do this, and consider his message.

Dear People,
Many of you know of my good friend, Rudolph. He is a young reindeer I have come to like very much. Many a foggy Christmas Eve he has lead me and my sleigh with his bright nose. He is a worthy, kind reindeer, but his story is rather sad.
Rudolph was born in a reindeer village called Great Antlers. He has since come to live at the North Pole with me, but I'm getting to that. I previously mentioned Rudolph's bright, glowing red nose. At Great Antlers, other reindeer his age made fun of him because of it. They called him names and excluded him. But when I needed Rudolph to help me, they claimed they loved him. They admired him and were overly kind to him. They had not repented, however. They only decided that you'd best be on the good side of someone important.
Unfortunately, Rudolph's is not an isolated case. Humans, too, are rather too prone to judge and to be cruel, never knowing how deep the wound is. Like those reindeer in Great Antlers, people can be fickle and be kind only to impress and to get gain. Our favor and trust, true, must be earned to avoid our friends being that kind of reindeer, but our dislike, too, must have a base. It is better to assume that someone is a good, true, and loyal friend than vice versa. When I go on my trip to the world, I do not give to that kind of reindeer, for fear of ruining their morals entirely. I have been sending far too few true presents lately, for I see many of that kind of reindeer in mankind. Please, don't be that kind of reindeer. Instead, be an example of Christ this Christmas season, and you'll be on the nice list for sure.
Santa Claus

Merry Christmas, everybody, and don't forget to post this on your blog! Thank you and Ilse out.


  1. I don't believe in Santa (GASP), but it's a nice message, so I'l reblog it anyway :)

    1. Thank you Bekah! I hope your won't get on the naughty list for that. :)


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