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What I Believe

Hi Imaginers! I'd like to thank you all today. A lot of you are girls like me that are Christian, and you inspire me by putting your testimonies on your blogs. You have given me the courage to share what I believe and personally know to be true.
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm a Mormon. You may have heard of Mormons. I don't know. Our religion is different than other Christian faiths because though the Bible is one of our books of scripture, we do not focus on it. We focus around the Book of Mormon. (Hence the name.) The Book of Mormon is an ancient record of the original inhabitants of the Americas, who were lead there from Jerusalem before Babylon took over. They began the record and passed it down through the ages, and we have much to learn from it about faith, virtue, and testimony. I have a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon is a true record.
We believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
We believe in resu…

The Theme Challenge

Imaginers, bonjour. I have a challenge for you! I call it:

The Theme Challenge!
So now you're thinking, well, Ilse, that's all very well, but what is this Theme Challenge? Aha. That is where I am one step ahead of you! It is very simple. The idea is that I give you guys a two or three word phrase  to be the theme of a short story. By that, I mean the title, an important thing or idea to the story, the protagonist's name, or similar. I will post the theme here and on a new Theme Challenge page. Your short story should be either copy and pasted in the comments of that page, OR, if you have a blog, you may post it on your blog and put the link in the comments. The winner will be randomly chosen from a few of my favorites and I will post it on my blog, with the reasons why I like it. I know that you guys don't tend to respond to challenges, but please, please do this for me. Oh, and if you are interested in co-hosting this event on your blog, please comment on this post! S…

Of Land & Sea

On the heels of my Sherlock rant, I introduce a friendlier topic: Ariel, Disney princess. Ariel always seems younger than the others to me, less mature, less experienced, more naïve. So, I introduce her blog: Of Land & Sea! Note: this blog is before Melody. If it was after, it would probably be a mom blog, not an Ariel blog.

On Land and Sea
 Hello all! Do you like my new header? (Note from Ilse:  I tried to make a header. It did not work.) Yep, I've had a complete blog remodel. I even changed the name from Ariel's Dreams to On Land and Sea. Today I wrote a new song! I'll upload it to SeaTube when I'm finished. I also drew a picture of Flounder! Eric showed me a movie. It's called Disney's Hercules. (Note from Ilse: I had to do it. I thought about having her see Sherlock, but I don't think she could handle it.) It is a very sweet movie. No spoilers, but they each sacrifice to be together...sigh. It sometimes reminds me of my life, even though I'm not r…

Sherlock Takes the Stage (with Irene Addler in Tow)

Imaginers, hello. I apologize for my recent inactivity and also (well, only sort of) for assuming that you are okay with being called Imaginers.
Some of you who have been reading this blog since I started (a whole few months ago, says my inner sarcasm) remember that I had a list of my fandoms. I have a new (and, from the title, obvious) one to add.


Yes, I've only seen 1 full episode, most of another, and about half of another, but to be fair, the episodes are long.


The show is nearly perfect-plot twists, imperfect characters, cliffhangers...the very flawed and haughty Sherlock is perfectly balanced by the too-real and immediately likable John. Sherlock's pride and distance from normal humanity, too, is balanced by his loyalty to John and affection for Mrs. Hudson.


The rest of this is sort of what I think of Irene Addler, and the relationship she has with Sherlock. The answer is simple: love. But, as Moriart…