Of Land & Sea

On the heels of my Sherlock rant, I introduce a friendlier topic: Ariel, Disney princess. Ariel always seems younger than the others to me, less mature, less experienced, more naïve. So, I introduce her blog: Of Land & Sea! Note: this blog is before Melody. If it was after, it would probably be a mom blog, not an Ariel blog.

On Land and Sea
 Hello all! Do you like my new header? (Note from Ilse:  I tried to make a header. It did not work.) Yep, I've had a complete blog remodel. I even changed the name from Ariel's Dreams to On Land and Sea. Today I wrote a new song! I'll upload it to SeaTube when I'm finished. I also drew a picture of Flounder! Eric showed me a movie. It's called Disney's Hercules. (Note from Ilse: I had to do it. I thought about having her see Sherlock, but I don't think she could handle it.) It is a very sweet movie. No spoilers, but they each sacrifice to be together...sigh. It sometimes reminds me of my life, even though I'm not really at all like Meg. 
On another note, I started reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan! It is so funny! I know it's not real, though, because Poseidon is my grandfather and I would know if I had an uncle named Percy. But I have become a--fungal? No, that's not it...fungirl? No...oh! Fangirl! Pinterest sometimes seems full of fangirls like I am now. 
Well, that's all friends! Bye!

So, did you like On Land and Sea? Please comment below...on Ariel's blog. I would very much enjoy it!


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