Sherlock Takes the Stage (with Irene Addler in Tow)

Imaginers, hello. I apologize for my recent inactivity and also (well, only sort of) for assuming that you are okay with being called Imaginers.
Some of you who have been reading this blog since I started (a whole few months ago, says my inner sarcasm) remember that I had a list of my fandoms. I have a new (and, from the title, obvious) one to add.


Yes, I've only seen 1 full episode, most of another, and about half of another, but to be fair, the episodes are long.


The show is nearly perfect-plot twists, imperfect characters, cliffhangers...the very flawed and haughty Sherlock is perfectly balanced by the too-real and immediately likable John. Sherlock's pride and distance from normal humanity, too, is balanced by his loyalty to John and affection for Mrs. Hudson.


The rest of this is sort of what I think of Irene Addler, and the relationship she has with Sherlock. The answer is simple: love. But, as Moriarty memorably said, Sherlock is "on the side of the angels," while Irene "misbehaves". And, ah, uses her body for unholy purposes. Yup, gotten a new way to talk around things I don't want to talk about. ANYWAY, she kind of brings out the twistedness, the darkness in Sherlock's soul. The part of him that delights in deduction, the part of him busy being clever and much too far away from comfortable. He is a fascinating character. The good in him just outweighs the bad, but only just.
So what do I think about Irene, anyway? Isn't this bit supposed to be about her?
I hate her.

Irene is the perfect villain-she's clever, unusual, and particularly cruel but just interesting enough to be realistic. She is passionate but completely in control: "the woman who beat [Sherlock]". Yet, even though it seems she disdains love and molds love for the, let's go with aesthetically pleasing, into money and power, she falls in love with Sherlock.
This is the unrealistic part of her. Yes, it seems she is impressed with his intelligence in the hiker dream, but this doesn't seem enough. They sort of-kind of work together for a little bit, but they are mainly enemies. I don't see how, in this episode, she is attracted to him. If you guys have any ideas, please tell me in the comments! I can, however, see how he is attracted to her-a woman who gets her way via little advantages and intelligence, the only person to beat him. (Okay, don't say anything about Moriarty. I am still recovering from The Reichenbach Fall.) And a man who is generally revered might consider it interesting that the only person to beat him was a woman. (Usually I'd insert a feminist rant here, but it would get in the way of ranting about Sherlock, so...not today.) It seems somehow degrading to call Irene Addler a genius-when I think genius the image of a sophisticated, cultured lady of society is just about the opposite of what comes to mind. Irene is more of a mastermind, but that too doesn't quite fit. There is no word for Irene Addler. Words attempting to describe her are often a bit too crude, don't you think?
Poisonous. Snake. No, not snake--serpent. Sinful. Please tell me in the comments if you have any words to describe Irene.

I will definitely have more Sherlock posts. For, of course:
I am SHERlocked.


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