The Theme Challenge

Imaginers, bonjour. I have a challenge for you! I call it:

The Theme Challenge!

So now you're thinking, well, Ilse, that's all very well, but what is this Theme Challenge?
Aha. That is where I am one step ahead of you! It is very simple. The idea is that I give you guys a two or three word phrase  to be the theme of a short story. By that, I mean the title, an important thing or idea to the story, the protagonist's name, or similar. I will post the theme here and on a new Theme Challenge page. Your short story should be either copy and pasted in the comments of that page, OR, if you have a blog, you may post it on your blog and put the link in the comments. The winner will be randomly chosen from a few of my favorites and I will post it on my blog, with the reasons why I like it. I know that you guys don't tend to respond to challenges, but please, please do this for me. Oh, and if you are interested in co-hosting this event on your blog, please comment on this post!
So, here is the challenge's theme:

Snowman Pie 

You can comment anytime from now to the very end of January. Please enter this challenge! I will be very, very happy if you do.

Thank you, and Imaginer out.


  1. Okay, I'll do a short one. (Very short.)
    "Once upon a time there was a snowman named Scrumptious who wanted more than anything in the world to be able to cook. From his place in the yard of the Birdle family he could see through the kitchen window; every day, Mrs. Birdle would make wonderful pies and cookies and breads and muffins, and the smell would waft on the chilly breeze to Scrumptious's carrot nose. (Some people may dispute the fact that carrots can smell, but it appears that they can.)
    Now, you must know that Scrumptious was in cahoots with the Little Red Wagon which lived in the garage most of the time, but had been dragged out to the yard by the littlest Birdle, Suzy. (Some people may dispute the fact that Little Red Wagons are alive, but in certain circumstances this is very much true.) The Little Red Wagon agreed, one day when all the Birdles were out, to carry Scrumptious into the house so that he could try his hand at cooking. They managed this (don't ask me how), and Scrumptious, who had learned much from watching Mrs. Birdle baking every day, actually concocted a pie and got it into the oven . . .
    When the Birdles got home that evening they found a scrumptiously warm fragrant cherry pie in the oven, and a puddle of icy water on the floor.

    1. Wonderful story! I love the parentheses. Thank you for entering!

    2. Wonderful story! I love the parentheses. Thank you for entering!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! But I do have a couple questions:

    What precisely does co-hosting entail?

    What length you were picturing for these stories?


    Is snowman pie a form of pie I haven't heard about, or just two unrelated words you joined for the purposes of this contest?

    1. Co-hosting would basically mean that you put the contest on your blog, as well, so more people would enter, and pick the theme every other time. I was picturing around 2-6ish paragraphs, and no, snowman pie is not a real pie. As far as I know, that is.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Okay, well I'd like to co-host if you're still looking for people to do that! I'll post my entry soon-ish.

    4. Thank you! That would be wonderful!
      (by the way I did not mean to post that last comment twice.)


    5. Okay, here's a very(very) weird story. It's pretty short, and I decided that if it was okay, I would co-host next month, since January is almost over. Sorry this took so long!

      This is as story about ice cream pie. An assortment of snowmen tucked behind the sagging shed which slouched in someone's backyard. If a windstorm had combed through their midst, they would've hardly blinked an eye. These were stoic spheres of crystalized water.

      This is also a story about pie. The before mentioned snowmen lasted days without nourishment, but they desperately yearned for pie. Juicy, gooey, and sweet.

      And warm. Pie is warm.

      Which was the problem. According to witnesses, pie(straight-from-the-oven-pie) and snowmen don't mesh. Who'd have thought, right?

      Now, one particular snowman named Flynn resolved to end the injustice done to snowmen's restrictive diet.

      So Flynn brainstormed all the cold and chilly substances his brain could think of.

      "Ice cubes?" he'd ask himself. "No."

      "Frozen vegetables?" And then, after a pause, "certainly not."

      "Yogurt?" And after a slightly longer pause, "no".

      "Ice cream?"

      And thus, was the birth of ice cream pie.

    6. Oh, "as" in the first sentence was supposed to be "a".

    7. I like it! That's totally OK about co-hosting next month. Thank you so much for entering!


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