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Irene Adler is Once Again Dissected (by Yours Truly)

Hey Imaginers! Guess what?

Have you guessed yet?

Well, anyhoo, I finally started reading the actual Sherlock Holmes books. And oh-my-goodness, are they good. I haven't read A Study in Scarlet yet, but I have read The Sign of the Four and "A Scandal in Bohemia". I HAVE MADE IT THROUGH THE ORIGINAL STORIES, AND SHERLOCK, AND I STILL LOVE THEM BOTH.

Let the magic of that sink in for a moment.

So, I thought about how I kinda dissected the Sherlock Irene Adler a while back, and I decided to do that with the book Irene. By the way, I really do love the way that Sherlock uses the original stories as a base and kind of builds off that. So, yes, the Irene Adlers are very different, but I'm completely okay with that and it kind of rocks.




This version of Irene I The premise of the story is that an American actress and opera singer (Irene) was sent romantic letters by the Crown Prince of Bohemia (now the King). They presumably had …


Here's to all you bloggers out there.
You've done it.
Thank you, thank you, to Meanwhile in Rivendell and Castles in the Air. You guys...your recent posts inspired me so much. And all of you bloggers out there make me so happy, and inspire me so much.
So here's to you.

Love Letter to a Rutabaga

Hey guys! I know I just posted...twice...but I have something I need to share with you.
It is a love letter to a rutabaga.

To be fair, I have never actually eaten a rutabaga. I actually have only seen them in pictures. And, no, this letter isn't exactly to an inanimate food...and it's not from me. I will try to resist the urge to edit as I type. That is all I have to say.

Most Sweetest of Rutabagas-
O pillar of vegetables! O Queen of turnips! How thy mere glance sends tremors through my soul! How do I begin this letter? this ode to thy beauty and purpleness?
O, Rutabaga. Lovely, perfect rutabaga. I am thy servant through harvest and drought. Do I forget my place in my haste to please you? If so, I beg your healthy, Vitamin C-filled pardon.
Do I forget my place entirely once more, as a U.S. citizen, to call you Swede? It is a lovely name. Rutabaga, Swede, it matters not. It only matters that I love you more than any other vegetable-more than any other fiber source-more than any…

Sherlock One-off Special: The Abominable Bride!

Hey guys! Don't forget to mouse over to my last post, where I started a new Theme Challenge. (If you're new here, look in the January archives to find the rules.) As I may have...ah...mentioned...there, last night I watched the new Sherlock one-off special, The Abominable Bride. So, I decided to do my first (on-blog) review, and tell all you Sherlock fans about it! No, there will not be any major spoilers. (Note: If anyone reading this is not a Sherlock fan, become one. NOW. It will make your life infinitely better.)

The Abominable Bride has an interesting setting. Most of it is set in 1895, in Victorian London. However, all the characters remind the same, just with slight differences. For instance, Mycroft is more faithful to the books with an enormous, almost disgusting size, and Molly Hooper is forced to dress as a man to be able to work at a morgue. You later find out that this is all in Sherlock's mind palace, trying to solve the case of Emelia Riccolete from 120 (abo…

Tonight I Watch...and Theme Challenge!

Hey guys! Sorry,  I know I should have announced the Theme Challenge winner earlier. But in my defense, I was kind of hoping someone else would enter. Imaginers, where's the spirit? I only got three entries!

The random name picker chose the winner as...drumroll please...


Here's her story:

This is as story about ice cream pie. An assortment of snowmen tucked behind the sagging shed which slouched in someone's backyard. If a windstorm had combed through their midst, they would've hardly blinked an eye. These were stoic spheres of crystalized water. 

This is also a story about pie. The before mentioned snowmen lasted days without nourishment, but they desperately yearned for pie. Juicy, gooey, and sweet.

And warm. Pie is warm.

Which was the problem. According to witnesses, pie(straight-from-the-oven-pie) and snowmen don't mesh. Who'd have thought, right?

Now, one particular snowman named Flynn resolved to end the injustice done to snowmen's restrictive die…