Sherlock One-off Special: The Abominable Bride!

Hey guys! Don't forget to mouse over to my last post, where I started a new Theme Challenge. (If you're new here, look in the January archives to find the rules.) As I may have...ah...mentioned...there, last night I watched the new Sherlock one-off special, The Abominable Bride. So, I decided to do my first (on-blog) review, and tell all you Sherlock fans about it! No, there will not be any major spoilers. (Note: If anyone reading this is not a Sherlock fan, become one. NOW. It will make your life infinitely better.)

The Abominable Bride has an interesting setting. Most of it is set in 1895, in Victorian London. However, all the characters remind the same, just with slight differences. For instance, Mycroft is more faithful to the books with an enormous, almost disgusting size, and Molly Hooper is forced to dress as a man to be able to work at a morgue. You later find out that this is all in Sherlock's mind palace, trying to solve the case of Emelia Riccolete from 120 (about) years ago to help him figure out the strange reappearance of Moriarty. (There are a few minutes in the modern world which follow where The Last Vow left off, but without really advancing the plot. Also, you find out that Mary is a great hacker.) Emelia Riccolete makes the show the creepiest yet. Unlike The Hound of the Baskervilles, the case is scary, not it's resolution. According to Greg LeStrade (with muttonchops that work surprisingly well) and shown while he describes it, on Emelia's wedding anniversary, she appeared at her balcony with her wedding outfit on, a painted white face and messy scarlet lipstick, looking terrifying and insane. She had two guns, and she would point one of them at a random person in the street and say "YOU" in an insane-sounding voice, then shoot at them. After a while, she said dreamily "You...are me," and shot brains out. Well, not a very interesting case to Sherlock, is it? At least, not until she is seen killing her husband afterwards. Creepy though this may be, this is a fascinating episode with an interesting theme of unfair treatment of women at that time and surprising plot twists. I recommend it to any Sherlock fan, as long as they watch it in the afternoon. And, no, it's not 2 1/2 hours long-we just got the bonus features, which were fascinating and narrated by Mark Gattis. (He plays Mycroft and is a co-creator and writer of Sherlock.)

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  1. **grumbles** Darn it! I had this recored, and I deleted it after decided it was probably not worth the time.
    Now I believe it was worth the time.

    1. A shame-but you saved yourself a truckload of CREEPY! :)


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