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Beautiful People

First things first: I have decided to start doing Beautiful People, a linkup hosted by the wonderful Sky and Cait. But I am celebrating currently (with huzzahs to spare, of course) that yesterday I got 42 PAGEVIEWS. Eek! (don't sneer at me, you big stats bloggers. I stick my tongue out at you sneerers.)

Here is the button:

A beautiful button, if I do say so myself.

First of all, I have decided to do the character Lisa Forte, the first-person protagonist of my long-suffering work-in-progress, The Shifters. (Do I still get to italicize it when it's only partially done?) This was hard because she actually needs this, as a super-duper tough character to write.

A bit of background information: Lisa has a twin brother, James, has spent her life on the run from psycho foster parents since orphaned at age 8, is 12, and recently discovered a community of people that can shapeshift into one specific animal, discovered she was one, and went on a quest to save the world. All in a day'…

Theme Challenge & Top Ten Tuesday

Hey Imaginers! I apologize for my lack of recent posting but that is about to be remedied. First things first, the Theme Challenge is once again finished! If you don't know what that is, click here. But readers, once again I have had a miniature turnout. Please, please, PLEASE enter this month! I will give you e-hugs and smile at you fondly. So, without further ado, the random name picker has awarded the title of winner to (drumroll, please):

Rosie McCann!

Her story is here:

“I wouldn’t mind dying in a place like this.” Ray sank into the enormous plush armchair, an eloquent picture of total bliss. He balanced a bowl of candy on one knee as he shoved his baseball cap to the back of his head.
I had to laugh. “That’s all you can say?”
“What’s wrong with it?”
“Well, for one thing, Ray, we happen to be here for a job interview.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s right. The surroundings gave me a momentary brain lapse.”
“So will you please straighten up and look a bit more professional.” I swiped the bowl of …