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Mortals: What now?

I'm sorry I didn't blog for (insert number here) days. I've been busy reading. And watching movies. AND CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And stuff.

SO, I will now write A MEGA POST that totally doesn't have TOO MUCH CAPITALIZATION!!!!!! Because there is no such thing.

Basically: My Current Life

I will wow you all.

Oh, the wonderful books I've been devouring! I will now share them with you all lucky mortals.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
This sorta-kinda doesn't count, because guess what? I finished it a longish time ago. (This one is soooo definitive.) BUT I LOVE IT AND I HAVEN'T SHRIEKED ABOUT IT YET. Ahem. So.

This book is the best thing since pizza. I KNOW, RIGHT?! It's about Francie Nolan, a girl in the early to mid 1900s. (I'm actually unsure about the date, peoples. I apologize.) Anyway, it's in (gasp) Brooklyn, and it's about her experiences growing up. I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS!!

Rating: 5 stars. It's really good, okay?!

Age I would recommend for reading this: 11 because of inappropriate-ish content. (The good-but-bad aunt and the creepy murderer and....I don't want to say what else he does, kay?) (the murderer guy doesn't figure hugely in the plot.)

The House on Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

I recently picked this up in a book shop and FELL IN LOVE. dfi jwe;ofjes;ofje;risogh wr;. If you couldn't tell, this is a Sherlock Holmes story. AND I LOVE THAT STUFF, KAY? (I'm in a Sherlock Holmes phase. In case you couldn't tell.) So anyway, it's about MRS. HUDSON THE AWESOME DEDUCTIVE DARING LANDLADY QUEEN and MARY WATSON, SUPER COOL CONFIDENT WARRIOR LADY. (all that capitalization was absolutely necessary.) When Sherlock Holmes refuses a blackmail case, these two amazing women take it themselves (because they basically spy on Sherlock through an air vent. duh.) . They are dragged deeper into a plot involving more victims, murder, and possibly even Jack the Ripper. AND IT'S REALLY GOOD.
And it's a series, but the next book comes out IN A YEAR. too long to wait. far, far too long.

Rating: 4.75 stars. I think. 5? I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Age I would recommend reading this: Again, 11. Because of characters that are unchaste and some extremely brutal torture/murder.

Magic Flutes  by Eva Ibbotson

This has sat, unread, on my shelf for like A YEAR. So I read it. And loved it. It's basically about this girl who works at this poor opera company in Austria (post WWI) who is secretly a princess. (At that time, basically all the nobles were super poor.)
It's also about this English dude named Guy who was born real poor but got real rich and is AWESOME and BACKSTORIES and I LOVE MARTHA and went to Austria 10 years ago.
Guy is finally rich enough to win back the sort-of noble sweetheart of his youth, because her family is made up of snobs. He buys her a castle. THE GIRL, TESSA'S CASTLE. Because they are poor.
Anyway, their fates collide and Guy's fiance turns out to be a snob also. It's a Really Good Book. Read it now.

Rating: 5 stars

Age I would recommend reading this: 10-ish, just because of subtle-ish hints of unchastity.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

This. Book. This is a SUPER good book! Look up a blurb-I really can't write one.

Rating: 5 stars

Age I would recommend reading this: Well, I don't know. The language is older, because it was written in the 1800s and set during the French Revolution, so it might be hard for younger kids to read. Also, you have to take into account the horrors on the basically IDK PEOPLES!


  • Ferris Beuller's Day Off--One to watch with parents-a lot of bad language, but hilarious.
  • Oklahoma!--I love this. It's a magical musical. Except for the dream sequence.
  • State Fair--Pretty good. I watched the 1945 version.
  • West Side Story--I LOVE THIS MOVIE FAR TOO MUCH. A wonderful NYC retelling of Romeo and Juliet with people constantly bursting into song. I did cry uncontrollably for the last fourth of the movie, though. I am absolutely serious. My mom got worried. (It was because _______ ____, which was so unexpected...because I LOVE __________, OKAY? okay. *sobs* People who have watched West Side Story probably know what fills the blanks.)

In Other News

My birthday, which is not only on National Puppy Day, but also Cuddly Kitten Day, was on March 23. (I know. My birthday is the best.)

I also got an Instagram, my first real social media.

My family started watching Les Miserables, which is already depressing and sad and beautiful. (THE PRIEST GUY, THOUGH...HE IS JUST THE BEST.)

I'm discontinuing the Theme Challenge, because this month I literally got one entry. ONE. It's by the fabulous Rosie McCann. Here it is:

Dearest Bess,

I miss you so much. Sometimes, I want to tell you a secret or an idea I’ve got, but when I run upstairs, you’re not there . . . Sparks is getting more attention than she’s ever got or perhaps desired. I love that cat now because she reminds me of you. Remember how I used to carry her outdoors all the time because she would sit all over my sewing projects?
Today was the first day at my new high school. I walked into my first class, determined not to show how nervous I was, and immediately tripped, because my sneakers were soaked and slippery from the pouring rain outdoors. Darn! And to make things worse, there was a BOY sitting across the aisle watching me. A BOY, Bess! 
He only grinned and asked my name, but I was positively CRIMSON with embarrassment. Why do BOYS always have to witness my blunders?! Anyway, his name is Tony. He has dark hair and his eyes are a dark, dark blue. He seems nice, but is sort of weird. In a good way, I guess, though. 
He said he liked that it was raining out and went on to tell me all the things he loves about rain. I remember you once telling me there was a name for that, a name for people that go around randomly loving rainy weather. What was it? Oh, I remember – pluviophile. He’s a pluviophile – and he writes STORIES. He actually writes fiction. What do you know? I’ve never met a guy who did that. It’s usually girls like you. 
By the way, can you send me some more snippets of your story?! I so love to read your stuff. I really don’t know how you it.
Well, I think I’ll say good-night. I’m really tired tonight, it being Halloween and all. I was dressed as Rey from Star Wars. I was a big hit with the little girls!

~ Tons and tons of love from your little sis Charlie. I can’t wait for spring break, Bess. I so want to see you again.

P.S. That BOY Tony had the most torn, shabby, beat-up backpack I’ve ever seen. No-one could call him extravagant. That’s a new word I learned today :)

I love this one- Charlie is so likable, and Tony too! Like her last one, this story sounds like it would fit well into a full-length novel. Keep writing, Rosie!

So-have you read any of the books I reviewed? Have you seen any of the movies? Do you have any recommendations? What did you think of this post? Lastly, did you do any April Fool's Day pranks? Tell me in the comments! 

P.S. I apologize again about not posting for almost a month. FORGIVE ME!


  1. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a really good book. I love the ending!!
    I can read the blacked out bits, by the way.
    I've watched Oklahoma, but I didn't like it very much. I totally agree about the dream sequence!
    What IS a pluviophile?

    1. 1. Me + The Scarlet Pimpernel = bliss.
      2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (I am upset.) I just fixed it. I'm so sorry!!!
      3. A pluviophile is a lover of rain.

  2. Awwwww...I'm sad that you're discontinuing the Theme Challenge. I was having fun with those. But I'm glad you liked my entry! Tony is fun. I'd like to meet someone like that. And thanks for telling me to keep writing!

    1. You're welcome about your writing-about the Theme Challenge, not enough people were entering. I know, 'tis a shame.

    2. P.S. I would love to meet a real-life Tony!

  3. Your mother should be ashamed of herself for letting you watch Ferris Bueller-- it not only has bad words, but a BAD MESSAGE. For shame.

    1. Yes, I know! Skipping school-I shake my head in disgust. :)

    2. Seriously. What were you thinking, Mom?

  4. I, a humble mortal reader, do find this post to be glorious :D

    I'm sad I missed the theme challenges ;3;
    Oh, well...

    1. Of course you find this post to be glorious. I wrote it. :)

  5. Birthday? ANOTHER March birthday? Seriously, it seems like everyone I know has a birthday in March! :) Well, happy belated birthday!

    Oh, my mom is reading "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" right now. I'll have to ask her what she thinks when she finishes.

    Oooh, "The House on Baker Street" sounds really good. I'll have to read it.

    Okay, ALL of the books you talk about sound good. I will have to read all of them. xD

    OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS, Ilse, you're watching Les Miserables???? Have you finished it yet? What did you think??? And I know, isn't he awesome? Actually, fun fact: he is played by the original Broadway Jean Valjean!! *SQUEEEAL* :D:D

    Sorry, I'm a HUGE Les Mis fan.


    I really loved this post. And I'm very sorry to hear you're not doing the theme challenge anymore. I was going to write one again this month. (But I understand, too, if you weren't getting enough entries)

  6. a) Yes. EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE A MARCH BIRTHDAY. Especially where I live-just why?
    c) Yes!! You must read it!! Then we can fangirl about it and bemoan the next book's late release date!!!!!!
    d) Of course you must read all of them. Because ALWAYS TRUST MY REVIEWS. (obviously.)
    e) YES WE FINISHED (except my Mom decided to skip the Lovely Ladies scene, understandably, but she explained what happened.) AND IT WAS MISERABLE AND BEAUTIFUL AND THAT. MUSIC. I loved it!! Did you cry too when Javiert gave Gavrosh his medal??? (Fun fact: I didn't know Gavrosh's name, so I called him Wiggins after how Wiggins is portrayed in the House on Baker Street.) Did you just love the preacher??? DID JEAN'S DEATH STIR ALL THE FEELS???


    Also, to be like Fantine (who I think of as something more like Fountine), Anne Hathaway lost TWENTY FIVE POUNDS. AND ALSO ACTUALLY CUT HER HAIR. AND, AGAIN, NO ONE ASKED HER TO.

    Side note: Do you agree that we needed 6 hours purely devoted to Gavrosh? I love that guy. GAVROSH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Side note: About the music--I have memorized the 24601 sequence from the musical BECAUSE. *sobs* We have a Les Mis songbook (with the first pages torn out because it's old) and we have some Les Mis songs in Broadway songbooks. So, naturally, we've been singing Les Mis songs nonstop.

    f) Good. Love my posts. I am 70% sure that it is good for you.

    Sorry for my monster comment. (#sorrynotsorry)

  7. Ah, yes, we skipped that scene, too. It's funny because I have the whole movie practically memorized, except those certain scenes we skip and I'm completely unfamiliar with those lyrics.

    Well, I watched it in three stints, so the medal part and Jean's death, while they were extremely sad, didn't make me cry. But I think if I ever sit down for the whole 2 and a half hour thing, I'l probably cry, like, a lot. (But, yes, his death was so FEELSY.)

    Wow, that's amazing. Hugh Jackman is amazing. :)

    And, I did hear about Fantine losing twenty pounds for the role. Also, amazing. And it's so cool to me how the scene where her hair is cut, you know it's the first time they filmed it, unlike most movie scenes which were filmed lots of times before satisfactory results.

    Haha, we do. Gavroche is the best. (If you read the book, you can spend practically 6 hours reading about him.) Also, there's a really, really cool book-detail about him, but in case you're planning to read the book, I won't tell you unless you want to hear it. :)

    That's awesome! My parents, while they don't share quite the same level of enthusiasm for Les Mis, were the ones who originally got me into it, so we listen to it on long car drives and stuff. :D

    And monster replies are NOT occasions for apology! xD

    1. OH recently I started reading the book. Was the detail that he is the Thernardiers' son?

    2. I love the book!!! What do you think so far???

      Yup! Which makes him Eponine's brother, and if you watch the movie again, you can see little nods to this fact.

    3. It's really good...except I'm stuck at a rather tedious bit.

      Hmm...I bet I would. I didn't know at the time, so any hints that were there I probably missed.

    4. Let me guess...the Battle of Waterloo? the convent? french slang? the Paris sewer system? There's so many tangents! :)

    5. The tedious bit? It's that one where it's just finished ranting about the emuete and the revolution. :)

    6. Ahhh, I think I remember that one. Enjoy the rest of the book! Maybe you can post a review when you finish it. :)


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