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Quotation Tagathonius (Quotes Tag Day 1)

Come one, come all, to the Quotation Tagathonius, Day the firstus of them all!

In other words: Hey, yo. I've been tagged for the Quotes Tag and this is Day 1.

(Did you guys like my new header? I already hate it. For historians who will read this blog after the header is changed because I'll be incredibly famous (or possibly just people who read this in a week to a month) here it is:
Anyhoo, I was tagged by the fabulous Bekah of Bekah the Bookworm. Thank you, Bekah! (waves from a continent away and grins like a crazy person)
RULES OF RULINESS: 1. Thank the person/people who were so thoughtful, kind, considerate, friendly, insane, right, correct, miraculous, and nice (okay, not all of that's in the real rules) to nominate you. CHECK! 2. Nominate three new bloggers every day. Uhh...........I'll try? Question mark? IDK? 3. Post a new quote everyday for three consecutive days. I can do, friends of the blogosphere! (I've been needing a new one for my sidebar. Seriously,…

Snow White's Blog: All Creatures, Big and Small

I'm lying on my bed with a headache and a slight fever, knowing I should post but not sure what to.
Then I remembered-oh, yes!-my Disney Princess blog series. So, here it is-Snow White's blog, All Creatures, Big and Small!

Hello, my sweet little readers! This is Princess Snow White. Today I saw the most adorable little ducky in the road! Here is the photograph:
Adorable, I know! (source)

I wanted to make friends with it, so I sang it a song! It was Whistle While You Work. It didn't want to do my laundry for me, though, so I left it.

A poem:

Ducklings can be so cute,
Adorable, 'tis true,
Whenever I see one, I say to it,
"Oh, I do love you!"

Bunnies and chipmunks and puppies,
And kittens and turtles, oh my!
The birds and the bees and the butterflies,
Are so cute that they make me sigh.

Story Beginnings: Love and Fate

Love was quarreling with Fate.
"Come on, sister, you never let me have any fun!" she cried, throwing up her hands. "Why won't you just separate Prince Felix and Duchess Margetta?"
"They're married, Love, and they're doing a lot for their kingdom's crumbling economy," Fate replied irritably.
"Well, Felix and Abba Miller are much cuter together," Love pouted.
Before Fate could reply, Logic stepped in and separated the two.
Love's face lit up. "Logic, darling, couldn't you tell Fate to split of Prince Felix and Duchess Margetta? It's pure logic that Felix and Abba are a better match."
Logic sighed. "Love, forget about it. Think of the financial ruin Felix can only fix with Margetta's education and intellect."
"I don't see why you have to be so darned logical, Logic," Love complained. "Anyway, I'll go. I know you're only here to ask Fate to that huge human gala ton…