Story Beginnings: Love and Fate

Love was quarreling with Fate.
"Come on, sister, you never let me have any fun!" she cried, throwing up her hands. "Why won't you just separate Prince Felix and Duchess Margetta?"
"They're married, Love, and they're doing a lot for their kingdom's crumbling economy," Fate replied irritably.
"Well, Felix and Abba Miller are much cuter together," Love pouted.
Before Fate could reply, Logic stepped in and separated the two.
Love's face lit up. "Logic, darling, couldn't you tell Fate to split of Prince Felix and Duchess Margetta? It's pure logic that Felix and Abba are a better match."
Logic sighed. "Love, forget about it. Think of the financial ruin Felix can only fix with Margetta's education and intellect."
"I don't see why you have to be so darned logical, Logic," Love complained. "Anyway, I'll go. I know you're only here to ask Fate to that huge human gala tonight. I'll save you. She already has plans."
Fate, so cool and confident in directing the slaughter of a war, turned bright red, perfectly matching the hue Logic's face had become.

"I don't see why you couldn't have been a little more tactful about that, considering you are the physical embodiment of Love," grumbled Fate that night as they watched some of human history's greatest events being acted out before them.
Love gave a queen a burning passion for a poor shepherd boy before answering. "You're my sister."
Fate sighed and quietly sent a spy to tell the king about the queen's planned elopement.
"Now why did you do that?" Love demanded. "Kings get awfully mad at this sort of thing, even though they do it all the time. Now he's liable to commit a few very bloody murders, and you know Mother gets mad when we disrupt her." The sisters shared a little shudder at the thought of disrupting Harmony.
"I'm on the side of justice. Usually," Fate replied.
"Not love?"
Love smirked. "One day, Fate, I will catch you. And you will fall in love. And it will be glorious."

(Note: Anyone shipping anyone yet? Anyone?)


  1. I must see Fate and Logic get married. If not, I shall sent Hate--no, I shall send Loathing after Love if Fate and Logic can't wed.
    I mean, I can imagine it right now... Fate and Logic! It's so logical, it must be fate!(see what I did there?)

    Your loyal Imaginer,
    ~Bekah The Bookworm
    (PS--I love your background! When did that happen?)

    1. Ha ha, Bekah. Thanks! (I'm thinking about Hate getting in there. I'm not sure if I shall ship it or not.) I did the background just after I posted this, actually.

    2. Yeah, I know, my jokes are bad ^_^'
      (You should definitely add Hate, and other such things :D)
      (I shall wait with bated breath to see whether or not my ship gets to sail.)

    3. Wanna know a secret?

      I ship them too.

      And they're unfortunately immortal, so I don't get to kill either of them, though I suppose I could always do some good old maiming.


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