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Book Blogger Problems Tag

Hello folks! I'm rattling off a quick tag because I haven't posted in a while and I'm about to go on a 6 day trip. So:

Rules: 1. Link to the blogger who tagged you. (Ilse's blog) 2. Put the picture on the post. 3. Type up 10 problems you've experienced as a book blogger. 4. Tag more bloggers! 5. Comment your link on Ilse the Imaginer. (Link in Rule 1) 
Note: I am aware that this post is a lot like several others. I am not copying someone, this legitimately came out of me thinking about how I wish I could recommend certain books when I can't.)
1. When you want to recommend a Really Good Book but said Really Good Book also has Inappropriate Parts so you Cannot Recommend It. Sad face.
2. When you connect to the blogosphere and end up reading more posts than you write.
3. Reviews. (I don't like writing them but it feels necessary if I want to Spread The Book Love.)
4. Not Enough Chocolate. 'Nuff said.
5. The TBR pile. When I started, this was not …

Life. Existence. I Need Ideas, People


Needless to say, I am broken.

I had seen Up before and knew most things about it, but I did end up crying at the bits I didn't remember. I LOVED IT FAR TOO MUCH. Also I cried. Kind of a lot. (But not as much as West Side Story. Never.)    

And I finally cleaned my room! Yay! (Mostly I just reorganized my gorgeous desk. #wheredidigetallthatparchment?)

And Gilded by Christina Farley is amazingness. Korean mythology+super-tough heroine+metamorphosis+really cool aunt=FIVE STARS, PEOPLE. And the romance actually ended up growing on me! Yay!

And I got Fire (Graceling series) from the library! Hoorah! (FINALLY.)

And books. And yeah. And the end.

Books. Books. And more books. And two movies.

Books: my school just held a used book sale. How could I not buy the 8 books and 2 movies I did on my way to and fro? I mean, come on. Paperbacks were 50 cents and hardbacks and movies were a dollar.
Here are my finds, and pictures:

Courage for Beginners by Karen Harrington: This is the only book I've fully read of my finds, and it's really good. It's about what happens when story-loving Mysti Murphy's dad has to recover from a head injury in the hospital. What's so bad about this is that her mother has this thing called agoraphobia, which basically means that she's afraid of new and dangerous situations and doesn't leave the house. Oh, and as she starts seventh grade, her one friend decides to start a social experiment to become an "in" hipster and abandon her. It's funny and true and I loves it. (Yes, that "s" was necessary.)
Heartbeat by Sharon Creech Honestly, I only got this…