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Hello folks! I'm rattling off a quick tag because I haven't posted in a while and I'm about to go on a 6 day trip. So:

1. Link to the blogger who tagged you. (Ilse's blog)
2. Put the picture on the post.
3. Type up 10 problems you've experienced as a book blogger.
4. Tag more bloggers!
5. Comment your link on Ilse the Imaginer. (Link in Rule 1) 

Note: I am aware that this post is a lot like several others. I am not copying someone, this legitimately came out of me thinking about how I wish I could recommend certain books when I can't.)


1. When you want to recommend a Really Good Book but said Really Good Book also has Inappropriate Parts so you Cannot Recommend It. Sad face.

2. When you connect to the blogosphere and end up reading more posts than you write.

3. Reviews. (I don't like writing them but it feels necessary if I want to Spread The Book Love.)

4. Not Enough Chocolate. 'Nuff said.

5. The TBR pile. When I started, this was not a think for me. But then people kept posting reviews for books that sound AMAZING and it looms like a dark evil mountain in the distance.

6. When you need to post but have no ideas. Hence, this post.

7. Simply making space in your schedule for posting. (Yes, I know it's summer vacation. But it actually still applies.)

8. When you make a challenge or a tag and no one does it. I'm not referring to a specific event, but it happens. :(

9. Needing 10 reasons for something but being unable to think of more.


I tag:
Bekah the Bookworm
Meredith at On Stories And Words
Chloe at Rustling Thoughts
Anyone else who wants to do it!

(I'm begging on bended knee for people to do this. Also, don't forget to link to your post in the comments!)


  1. I am mad. I wrote a whole post for this then exited because i needed to comment the link, but apparently i didn't save and now the whole daggon post got deleted.

    But, fear not, I shall rewrite it and post it soon!

    1. How annoying! I shake my head in disgust at blogger.

    2. Hey, Ilse!
      Would it offend you if, in my post, I made rule 3 say "Type up a maximum of 10 problems you've experienced as a book blogger", therefore not forcing myself or anyone else to think up downsides that aren't there?
      (I've only got 7 solid problems that I can think of)


    I DID IT

    1. YAY! I read it. It rocks. Smiles for all.


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