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Needless to say, I am broken.

I had seen Up before and knew most things about it, but I did end up crying at the bits I didn't remember. I LOVED IT FAR TOO MUCH. Also I cried. Kind of a lot. (But not as much as West Side Story. Never.)    

And I finally cleaned my room! Yay! (Mostly I just reorganized my gorgeous desk. #wheredidigetallthatparchment?)

And Gilded by Christina Farley is amazingness. Korean mythology+super-tough heroine+metamorphosis+really cool aunt=FIVE STARS, PEOPLE. And the romance actually ended up growing on me! Yay!

And I got Fire (Graceling series) from the library! Hoorah! (FINALLY.)

And books. And yeah. And the end.


  1. Yayy for Up! I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Except for Karl's backstory which totally was THE SADEST THING OF THE WORLD. WHERE IS MY ICE CREAM, I NEED TO DROWN MYSELF IN IT. But the soundtrack is also glorious. :') And yay for Fire!! I still need to read that one....and a gazillion other books. *buries self in books*

    1. Too be fair, Ellie and Carl had a long and happy life together. But yes. SADNESS. Also the world's most adorable couple. Thank you!


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