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Beautiful People July Edition: Ari and Brenna

Hello, hello, hello! I've been too lazy to do Beautiful People for a while, but today I shall. The characters I'm doing are Ari and Brenna, since I couldn't pick one. They are the co-protagonists of a story as yet unnamed. (It's a fantasy, by the way.)

Backgrounds: Ari is an orphan who was mostly raised by her grandmother, Kumli, who is one of my favorites in the story. (By the way, possibly my favorite character is one I plan on killing. #whatiswrongwithme) Kumli has a dress shop and Ari's dream is to own one herself.

Brenna is an adventurer who has a talking cat named Quin who might actually be my favorite. (I am a sucker for magic cats.) She's actually a Lady and has problems.

On to the questions!

(by the way, beautiful people is a lovely link up for characters hosted by Cait and Sky at the links in the picture.)

The Questions:
Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?
Ari: Yes. In the story she actually is almost-enga…

You likey?

You may notice my fabulous new header. You can probably tell that I like it far more than any previous headers, which I hated. It's a new style for me. I was able to find all the photos online (it's surprising how limiting the label 'for noncommercial reuse' can be) except for the happy doggy face, which is a picture of my adorable Hungarian rescue, Macs. (I used that one because it was the best one on my blog, and I was to lazy to consider another method of getting a photo onto my laptop.) For posterity, here is a picture of the header:
Has anyone noticed that the same picture of Jane Austen has appeared in each of my headers so far? Huh. Food for thought.

I Wrote A Poem

Hey guys! Remember how that one time I posted a 700 years ago...


I wrote another poem I would like to share! So, here it is:

Listen close to the bees and the birds
They speak a thousand tongues without a word
Their wisdom is more than ever man did know
As man does die, the flowers bloom and grow
But as the bee is lost and squashed and dead
The lovely flower sighs and hangs its head
And the bird is gone in winter's blight
A thousand joys are lost in their lost flight.

1 Year BLOGOVERSARY!! (gasp!)

Imaginers. The time has come.


Ah, how the time flies. I recall sitting on my parents' bed in the rented house in Florida during our family reunion, typing the first words into the horrendously terrible first post "Hey Peoples" on my mother's Apple laptop. Memories.

You know me better than that. I am probably going to do something crazy and ill-advised.
Note: After writing this post, I realize that I didn't actually do so. Ah, well.




I feel like that always happens, yes? Reviewing the stats? Well, I'm joining in and sharing my (probably pitiful) stats.

Vital Stats Because Stats Looked Lonely and Pitiful all by Itself

Posts: 75, 73 published and 2 drafts (including this one)
Comments: 216
Pageviews: 3585
Google+ Followers: 6
Most Popular Post: My Current Life, with 175 pageviews. Wow! (Not counting when I just looked it up to add the link. I am not A Cheater.)
My Audience (by pageviews):

United States: 2362

Shakespeare Week

Hello Imaginers! If you have a brother in Boy Scouts, you may look forward to Scout Camp each year. For my family, it's a summer week-long break from my brother and my dad. Our first real celebration of it was two years ago, when Scout Camp for us was in Garmisch, Germany. My mom and I stayed in this tiny, adorable little apartment in this tiny, adorable little town called Wallgau. (Fun fact: The keys in the wardrobe inspired the main plot of my story, The Shifters!) Here is a picture of Wallgau: