Beautiful People July Edition: Ari and Brenna

Hello, hello, hello! I've been too lazy to do Beautiful People for a while, but today I shall. The characters I'm doing are Ari and Brenna, since I couldn't pick one. They are the co-protagonists of a story as yet unnamed. (It's a fantasy, by the way.)

Backgrounds: Ari is an orphan who was mostly raised by her grandmother, Kumli, who is one of my favorites in the story. (By the way, possibly my favorite character is one I plan on killing. #whatiswrongwithme) Kumli has a dress shop and Ari's dream is to own one herself.

Brenna is an adventurer who has a talking cat named Quin who might actually be my favorite. (I am a sucker for magic cats.) She's actually a Lady and has problems.

On to the questions!

(by the way, beautiful people is a lovely link up for characters hosted by Cait and Sky at the links in the picture.)

The Questions:
Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?
Ari: Yes. In the story she actually is almost-engaged at the beginning. She just...I don't know. She wants to have a family and have that sort of life.

Brenna: She's not sure. She loves kids, but she's decided to wait and see where her life takes her. 
What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)
Ari: Though she doesn't realize this until later in the story, Ari likes bows. You don't have to get too close to your opponent, and she visualizes strands of thread shooting out from the bow to help her aim.

Brenna: Definitely her trusty sword.
What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?
Ari: Well, she goes on a quest to save her grandmother without any training, so that's pretty huge...

Brenna: Maybe that she stepped aside and let someone else kill the antagonist. But, you know, she's a professional heroine, so she's done a lot of stuff.
Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?
Ari: She's fought a few monsters on her journey to save her grandmother, as they attacked. But not really a person.

Brenna: She's fought countless monsters and criminals and such, but probably the biggest thing is that she fought her father, a famous hero but an abusive drunkard.
Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?
Ari: She tends to be more of a rule-follower.

Brenna: Despite the fact that she works for justice, she's rather rebellious. 
Are they organized or messy?
Ari: Organized.

Brenna: Organized.
What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?
Ari: She loves when Kumli compliments her work. (Where I am in writing, that happened just a little while ago, soo...yeah.)

Brenna: She feels loved when Quin curls up on her lap. That's pretty much it, the poor little thing that came out of a traumatic childhood.
What do they eat for breakfast?
Ari: Muffins and apples, generally. She won't say no to bacon, though.

Brenna: On the road, last night's leftovers. And she's almost always on the road.
Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?
Ari: Obviously. She's a fantasy character. :) Her mother died of a fever when she was around six. It was very hard for her, but at least she already lived with Kumli.

Brenna: There was a woman who worked in the stables when she was little who was very motherly to her. She wasn't told how she died, but she now suspects it.
What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)
Ari: These little cakes Brahm the baker sells. (There are a lot of B names in this particular story.)

Brenna: Fresh chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

P.S. Oh the pains of telling Goodreads all the books you've read! #notpossible


  1. Ah! I was going to do BP, but I completely forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

    Excellent answers, sounds like a book I would read. :D

    1. You're welcome, and thank you so much! That means a lot to me.


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