Shakespeare Week

Hello Imaginers! If you have a brother in Boy Scouts, you may look forward to Scout Camp each year. For my family, it's a summer week-long break from my brother and my dad. Our first real celebration of it was two years ago, when Scout Camp for us was in Garmisch, Germany. My mom and I stayed in this tiny, adorable little apartment in this tiny, adorable little town called Wallgau. (Fun fact: The keys in the wardrobe inspired the main plot of my story, The Shifters!) Here is a picture of Wallgau: 

Image result for wallgau germany

We spent the week writing and watching Austenland, the six hour Pride & Prejudice in episodes on YouTube, and the Brady Bunch. We also climbed this tiny little mountain (Or perhaps a large hill. Or perhaps the peak of the mountain we were already on.) and at one point a cat followed us for a while.

The next year we were in the States visiting family and friends, which was absolutely lovely. This year, my mom and I are doing something special.

Shakespeare Week.

A word of explanation: there is a reason for this besides us being ginormous bookworms and me having a Harry Potter cookbook with all sorts of cool British recipes. We're currently going through Shakespeare's plays and studying them-reading them, talking about them, reading the analytical (that word makes me feel all professional and smart. :) ) content on CliffsNotes, watching an adaptation, doing some background research, and each performing a monologue. Because, you know, that's what we do. (#rabidbookwormalert. (Yes, my hatred of hashtags has ceased. A shame a wrote an entire post on that.)) We've finished Julius Caesar, except for watching an adaptation. (Mom did Antony's Friends, Romans, Countrymen monologue, and I did the one Brutus did just before that.)

So what is Shakespeare Week? Well, for the week of Scout Camp, we're planning on having Shakespearean activities all week long. On the last day, we're inviting friends over for Shakespeare Night, a fun night with old-fashioned British food and costume. We have some ideas already, but I would absolutely LOVE your input!

So, what do you think we should do for Shakespeare Week and Shakespeare Night? Also, any ideas for my ONE YEAR BLOGOVERSARY, coming up in two days? Comment below and tell me!


  1. Read and review AT LEAST one Shakespearean bookish thing (the plays that are books now and what not).
    Talk with Shakespearean terms all week (you could make a game out of it and include others)


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