I just wrote a post, but the underliner wouldn't quit so I saved it and reloaded. IT DELETED. So mad. So very, very mad.

Maybe it was because I wasn't listening to Hamilton like I should have been. (Any one else close to crying when they first heard It's Quiet Uptown?)

(By the way, am no way am I recommending Hamilton. There is profanity, and as Hope Ann at Writing in the Light puts it, "crudeness".)

Here are some songs you guys totally need to here:

You'll Be Back: A (clean) Hamilton song of King George's proclamation to the revolutionaries of the Colonies.

On My Own: A beautiful Les Mis song from Eponine. (I hear Emma sings this one amazingly.)

That's all for me now, folks. Adios, amigas.


  1. As said via email, I highly recommend Hamilton (Ilse does have a point, though; it is explicit and has sexual themes, so if that isn't up your ally... just stick you "You'll Be Back")

    I love Les Miserables! I watched the musical film a few weeks back and it was just grand :D


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