Story Wars and Holidays and Also Don't Kill Me Because I Keep Procrastinating And It's Been Like 2 Months And This Is A Really Long Title

I post! Finally!

Story Wars is an app you can add to your google (much like blogger) that allows you to collaborate on stories in interesting ways. If any readers are Story Warsers (totally a word.), then go check out Lives and Loyalty. It may not seem like much (my best friend and I wrote the beginning a year or two back and it's very fairy tale), but it has really cool potential, in my opinion. Please check it out! Thank you! Yay!

So. How long has it been since I gave you guys a real post? Too long. I apologize.



Ah, Hamiltunes.



Okay, so I am super duper ultra potato excited for Christmas. Fabulous events are planned that involve snowy places and mountains and family and friends. Last year I wrote a short post on how much I love Christmas.

It's such a magical time of year. You anticipate it, you taste it..,your heart leaps every time you sing a holiday tune in Chorus or you see a picture online of a hastily wrapped present. I love the music, all of it. Santa Baby, Silent Night, White Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Christmas Song...all of it. The books on Santa Mouse and the Nativity we keep in a big red plastic box in the attic. Decorating the tree. Plotting and planning and preparing presents. Stockings. Soft pajamas and aebliskiver. (#danishroots) And, naturally, presents. The love that goes into them. The beauty of your brother carefully finding you a present and wrapping it in secret. The letters we get from Santa every year, even when we don't really believe in him any more. Family nativities. Pyramid shaped advent calendars. The cardboard advent calendar box full of those little plastic dolls...what are they called again? The ones you can switch the heads off? The snow scene, with a little plastic doll angel and a little plastic doll Santa and a little boy sledding and a mom pushing her baby in a baby carriage and ravens in a plastic snowy tree...

Needless to say, it's my favorite holiday.

After all, it's the "most wonderful time of the year", isn't it?

But before that, there's Halloween and Thanksgiving to get through.

Speaking of Halloween, I'm being Ellie from Pixar's UP. What about you guys?

Don't forget to check out Lives & Loyalty!

Love you guys!


P.S. I'm a tiny bit stumped on NaNo, but I'm doing it. You guys?


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