NaNo Update


I haven't posted in forever.

I'm sorry guys! I know my posts lately have been few and far between. Life just got busy, what with school and NaNo and everything.

I'm sorry.


But obviously I have four half finished posts and no ideas, so how about a Jessa & Tiff update? Okay?

Here's my new blurb:

Jessa Corden is not enjoying seventh grade. For one thing, her only friend has abandoned her. For another, chronic anxiety has not made life easy.

Tiff Lawrence was enjoying seventh grade when all of a sudden she was uprooted to tiny Candace Brooks, Virginia by her scatterbrained novelist father. She's used to it, but that doesn't mean she wants to. Anyway, no one really knows her under her cheerful and daring facade.

When Jessa and Tiff meet, ordinary middle school lives can become intertwined with destiny, fears can be fought, and friendships can be made. When Jessa and Tiff meet, two unknown girls can know each other.

Okay, I'm aware it's terrible, thank you very much. But yeah. That's it.

I've added this sort of "destiny" theme to my story. For starters, my girls have the same birthday, and throughout the story they'll get a little bit of a fateful feeling. Anyway, at the moment they're systematically working through their fears, fighting them one by one. I wrote a very fun scene in which the girls discuss fate, destiny, and all of that while Tiff is suffering through claustrophobia on a Ferris Wheel. I enjoyed it, especially throwing Oedipus into the mix.


At the Library:

Tiff smiled at me. I could feel it, though I didn't look away from my book. I wasn't reading anymore, just grinning to myself. Somehow, I already felt so comfortable with Tiff, as if she was an old friend I had half-forgotten, or I had known her in another life. I imagined myself as an ancient Grecian crone, and tried to think up a suitable reincarnation for Tiff. But it was no use. In my mind she was Tiff, always Tiff, halfways an angel and halfways a clever devil and halfways a broken promise that fit into each; a promise for the angel and broken for the devil.

It was odd that I knew her so well, so soon.
But it would be odder if I didn't.


"Can we make cupcakes?" Tiff asked.
My mother looked at me and I could see her x-raying my soul.

Later in the story...

"Okay, chocolate or yellow?" Tiff asked, literally weighing our options in her hands.
"Chocolate. Duh," I said, forcing fake cheeriness. I could tell it wan't fooling Tiff, but she played along anyway.
"Chocolate it is. Do you guys have any frosting?"
"Yes. Chocolate."
"I'm liking this arrangement."

Meet My/Jessa's Brother:

"Timothy, do you know Amelie, Tiff's sister?"
"What instrument does she play?" he responded automatically. I rolled my eyes. People, to him, were their music,
"Viola," I said.
"What chair?" he prompted.
I turned to Tiff. She said, "Second."
Timothy nodded, putting his headphones back on. "Yeah, I know her. She plays well."

Not. Even. Exaggerating.

Hey, please direct me to your blogs so I can read your NaNo snippets or thoughts or whatever! How do you like Jessa & Tiff? Are you doing NaNo? Has it left you sane? Tell me in the comment section!


  1. I haven't posted in forever too ;-;
    Nice comeback/nano-snippet post! I like Jessa and Tiff, can't wait to read more on them :) I'm not sure I grasp what NaNo is tho *dies*

    1. Thank you! It's this international challenge to write a 50K word novel in the month of November, at its barest.

  2. oh I loved the snippets! Particularly the chocolate cupcake one. (EVERYTHING SHOULD BE CHOCOLATE AND CAKE YAS. <3) 😂 And yay that the writing is coming along! Blurbs are hard, but they get easier with practise I think. ;D Says me who is currently avoiding writing some blurbs I need to get to, haha. Good luck with the rest of NaNo!!

    1. Thank you, Cait! I needed to share my passion in my story. :) AKA chocolate. I certainly hope blurbs get easier--my current one is not my favorite.


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