Top Ten Tuesday: New Authors

Can we take a moment to admire my new header? Please? Thank you. Because CHRISTMAS. If any of you know me, you may know that I am not, in fact, a member of thine "homo sapiens" clan, but in fact a RABID CHRISTMAS MONSTER who has been counting down since 70 days before.


Okay, here is the link. And here is the post.

This week's topic is " Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016 ".

1. Maggie Stiefvater (keeping this font is accidental, but it's pretty, so I'll stick to it.)
Image result for maggie stiefvater
Okay (looks like no more pretty font), absolutely all the credit for this one goes to Cait @ Paper Fury, who screeched about this fabulous author until I obeyed and checked out The Scorpio Races from the library. (Actually, she didn't stop screeching about it, but I felt free to ignore the screechings once I complied to her wishes. By the way, check out her blog. They are rather hilarious screechings.) #freepromotionyourewelcome Warnings, her books will obsess you, (GAAANNNNSSSEEEEYYYYY) but they do contain curse words and sometimes a bit darker content. They are amazing nonetheless.

2. Jonathan Stroud
Image result for jonathan stroud
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my friend Ashley, for forcing me to borrow his Lockwood & Company in return for me forcing HER to borrow Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Boys.
The basis sounds odd, but it's AMAZING.

3. Kiera Cass
Image result for kiera cass
THE SELECTION has captured me and tortured me and turned me to little bits of Ilse. Seriously. It's that amazing. Normally I would hesitate around semi-romantic dystopian, but honestly The Selection doesn't feel like a dystopian. You know what I mean? Anyway, READ IT. NOW. I COMMAND THEE.

4. Michelle Birkby
 See full-sized image  (sorry for the tiny picture)
I found The House At Baker Street in a tiny Paris souvenir shop and FELL IN LOVE. I mean, I was a little disturbed by the gruesome murder, but I'll definitely look for the sequel coming out soon.

5. Chris Colfer
Image result for chris colfer
It totally counts. It's not like I haven't even completely finished a book of his, riighhht??
(Also, who else gets uncomfortable looking at pictures of writers? Like, HELLO, this world isn't real? Or you're the one who created it?) Anyway, Land of Stories was recommended to me A MILLION times so I had to read it. :)

That's ten. Definitely.

So, what about you guys? Be sure to link me to your Top Ten Tuesday posts, so I can check them out, or any other posts on your blog! See you in the comments!


  1. *sips tea counting the authors* *smacks lips*

    1. Seriously though, yes I love your header. I shall check those authors out!

    2. Thank you thank you thanks! I consider my job done if I have spread the book love. :)


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