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Image result for roses and poppiesHelloo, my dear readers! A little while back, on an exceptionally warm winter day, I wrote a poem I thought I'd share. It's not amazing, but it's not too bad, either. Here it is! (Do you get the clever flower reference in the title? Huh? :) )

Roses and Poppies
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.

There are so many things
I long to do with you.

Feel grass under footsteps,
Hear wind in the trees.
Dance through bright meadows
Dance in the breeze.

Watch a sad movie,
Waltz in the rain.
On our way to nowhere,
Drive down a lane.

But most, my dear soldier,
A cake just for two.
Rings for our fingers,
Loving "I do"s.

Roses are red,
I love you, I'm sure.
We'd do all these things 
Had you come back from the war.

So, what do you think? Written any poetry lately? Who's your favorite poet? Tell me in the comments!


  1. That is indeed a lovely poem! I'd love it if you would post more poems of yours :)
    I've made quite a few lately, yes, but most of them are my usual spooky ones. Do you recall the flower girl one i made back in germany?
    My favorite poet? I dont know...

    1. Thanks, Bekah! Yes, I remember that poem. I recall something about 'red velvet' cake.
      You didn't ask, but I'd say my favorite poet would be Emily Dickensen or Robert Frost. Or whoever wrote "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock". Or that long multi-sectioned one about Sundays. Never mind. I have no idea.

    2. XD That's why I didn't ask, I figured you were just as indecisive. My apologies, though.
      And, yes, the cannibal chef baked her into the cake and everyone thought it was red velvet.

  2. Oh this was such a pretty poem...AND THEN IT GOT SO SAD AT THE END, OMG I'M SAD!! But it still is a gorgeous poem. <3 😂

    1. Thank you, Cait! :) That's very kind of you to say.


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