Nostalgia and Ridiculous 9-Year-Old Behavior

Hey guys! I apologize I haven't been posting much. I'm working on it, though!

I was looking through an old blog by family used to have, which had all of 12 posts. One of them I wrote (long ago, when I was only 9 3/4 or something of the type) was an old-timey letter my mother "insisted" I post. Here it is, for nostalgia's sake. (Remember, it's a 9 year old messing around, so don't judge. :))

Dear Friends, family, neighbors, and all ye old gossips,
   We are very sad to find ourselves able to truthfully tell you that our lovely (Though she has a large wart on one of her abnormally large feet and a rather embarrassingly noticeable mole on her neck) daughter Lucinda Jane-Marie Thompson Greene has decided to be one with a disgustingly handsome country tramp by the name of Harris Hartford, with only a quarter of a million dollars to speak of, and no parents, as both died from the plague. It is a pity, as they could have knocked some sense into his head, though we suppose they were as bad as him on second thoughts, and say good riddance to the Hartford family, and hopefully not just the parents. You know what we mean. Our lovely daughter (Did we mention that she has a rather large nose and talks too much, the dear?) Lucinda Jane-Marie Thompson Greene (We refrain from short-naming her, as we think it is improper) will probably find herself enslaved and unhappy, or crazy and horrid just as that Horrible Harris Hartford who we Hate. That is all for now-our handsome (though he has many pimples and tiny eyes) son Lukas John-Mark Thompson Greene has some news for us. He has a gold (but rather cheap-looking, we must say) ring on his finger, whoever knows what that means.
Cynthia Eloise Sandra Hart Thompson Greene and 

Samuel James Michel Thompson Greene

I think it goes without saying that I was a weird kid.

I'll post again soon, I'm just a little bit sick right now.


  1. Say what you will, but that was hilarious XD
    Thanks for posting, Ilse!

    1. Thanks, Bekah!
      By the way, sorry for not replying to comments. Gmail has been putting them in spam. :(


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